WIN a £100 LEGO Storefront Gift Card with Wicked Brick

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We’re giving away £100 to spend on LEGO display cases, stands and accessories at Wicked Brick, which is enough to help you find the best way to display your LEGO collection. You can opt for a series of displays to show off your LEGO Star Wars ships in flight, or choose to protect your favorite sets with a dustproof display case.

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With displays starting at just £7.99 apiece, £100 is enough for Wicked Brick. You can choose to stock smaller stands and cases to make the most of the gift card, or take it a step further with a display case for 76193 The Guardians’ Ship, adding real pizzazz to the Marvel Infinity Saga set with a custom printed background.

If you’ve purchased the latest LEGO Ideas set, Wicked Brick has a case for that too, ensuring you’ll never need to dust off your copy of 21332 The Globe. Or if video games are more your thing, there’s also a brilliantly colored case and printed background for 21331 Sonic the Hedgehog – Green Hill Zone, which brings the set to life right before your eyes.

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