Where to buy a V-Bucks gift card and which stores sell them?

FORTNITE V-Bucks Gift Cards are a great Christmas gift idea for gamers.

But where to find them and what are the dangers of buying gift cards?


You can buy V-Bucks at GAME storesCredit: Game

Where to buy Fortnite V-Bucks gift cards?

You can buy Fortnite V-Bucks on Amazon, as well as Eneba, Dundle, and Epic Game.

If you don’t know which brand to buy, buy one you know and trust.

Which stores sell V-Bucks gift cards?

GAME is one of the few brands that sells in-store V-Bucks gift cards.

You can check if your local GAME store has them in stock through the GAME website.

If your local store doesn’t sell them, you can also buy from their online stores.

What are the dangers of gift cards?

The buyer has been notified by the consumer watchdog Which? to avoid giving gift cards to friends and family as Christmas presents this year, as gift cards cannot be used if a retailer collapses.

Search by whom? found that nearly one in 10 people had received a gift card for a store that has gone bankrupt since the start of the pandemic.

A survey of 2,000 consumers found that 7% had received a gift card for a retailer that has collapsed since March 2020.

Almost two-fifths of those shoppers were unable to spend their entire voucher balance – with an average of £ 25 unspent.

Additionally, gift cards are prime targets for crooks and fraudsters, and gift card fraud can make merchants vulnerable to damaging chargebacks from the credit cards originally used to purchase them.

And because online shopping has increased due to the coronavirus pandemic, it looks like card fraud is only getting worse.

Are there any V-Bucks gift card scams to watch out for?

Gift card scams are common, so it’s understandable to worry.

However, the most common type of gift card scams involve an unsolicited call from someone claiming to be from the gift card company – in this case, PlayStation.

They then ask for the gift card numbers to activate.

Alternatively, you may be targeted by advertisements offering you the chance to win a gift card, in exchange for your personal data.

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