What you can learn from Priyanka Chopra’s wedding gift list

Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra recently teamed up with the Amazon.com e-commerce platform to create a marriage registry listing all the items she’d like people to give her for the wedding. Chopra’s registry includes such basic items as a set of sheets, plates, a raincoat for her pet dog, and a few fancy options such as an OLED TV, a bar cart with champagne saucers, and a blender. professional smoothie.

While it may seem odd or acquired in the traditional Indian way of thinking about gifts, it does make sense as most guests don’t like to walk empty-handed to ceremonies or parties, but often they don’t have any. idea of ​​what might be useful. for the recipient. Gifts that are of little or no use add to the burden on recipients, causing them to pass on the gifts or not use them at all.

Although gift registries are common in the US and UK, the trend is gradually accelerating in India, as well as companies such as The Yellow Door Store, Zibonga and Weddingwishlist.com offering gift registry options. for various occasions. Indians can take advantage of the facility on Amazon.com, although it is not yet available on the Indian chapter of the e-commerce company.

Although gift cards have become staple among the urban masses, they are still quite impersonal and this is where selecting an item from the recipient’s registry can come to your aid.

How it works

If you are getting engaged, getting married or having a baby shower but don’t want your guests to give you things you couldn’t use, creating a gift list on one of the websites or outlets offering installation is a good option.

Make sure you take a close look at what products the company offers and if everything you need is available, as your registry can only list items that the company sells. For example, if you share a wedding list through Amazon.com, you will be able to include items that are only available on the Amazon website. It is advisable to register at least three to four months before the event so that your guests have enough time to choose the product they want to gift you and so that you can add or remove anything from the list. .

Once you complete the registration process, a unique ID is generated which you can share with your friends and family. They can then log in and see what you have requested and offer you according to their budget and preferences and make the payment online. You can also have multiple registers on different websites to provide your guests with more product choices.

You might be wondering what happens if two people choose the same item from the registry. This usually doesn’t happen because after you make a purchase, the item is removed from the list, unless the recipient has requested multiple items of the same type. Some registries also allow you to reserve products for a certain period of time until you have made your decision.


Giving usually involves spending a large amount of money. While you’re at it, it makes sense to make sure the gifts you present add value to the recipient, instead of just sitting in their warehouse. If you are planning to move into a new home after your marriage and you list the relevant products in your registry, it can help you save on home improvement costs.

Registers also allow you to break down products to make them more affordable for your guests. Plus, a gift list reduces the burden of searching for the right item and making sure the recipient likes it.

Most companies also allow the registry owner to return a product in case it does not match well or meet their expectations. However, return and exchange policies vary from company to company.

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