Ventura County supervisor sues over obscene San Diego gift box

The recall campaign against Parks failed in September 2021.

Can a Ventura County supervisor legally use campaign money to sue a San Diego company called Dick at Your Door to force it to identify the sender of a chocolate penis during a nasty battle of reminder ?

Yes, the California Fair Political Practices Commission said in a Feb. 22 advisory letter to Linda Parks: “This lawsuit is directly related to a political or governmental purpose because it arises out of your activities, duties and your elected status and the effort to recall your elected office status.

“The box also included the message ‘Honourable Linda Parks, enjoy an early retirement.’

“Therefore, the attorneys’ fees and expenses related to this litigation are directly related to a political and governmental purpose pursuant to Section 89514 and the expenses fall within the legal enforcement of the trust imposed by Section 89512.”

“On June 9, 2021, while signatures were being collected for the recall petition, you received a package delivered to your home, from an anonymous person sent through a company. The package contained a full-size chocolate penis nature in a box that said: “Congratulations! YOU DESERVE IT” on the outside and other vulgar messages inside the box.

“The box also included the message, ‘Honourable Linda Parks, enjoy an early retirement. Thank you, residents of Casa Conejo’ taped to the underside of the box. A separate card in the box read, ‘Confused? See if the sender told you left a message” and provided the website and name of the company sending the package and messages.’

“You have learned that the company that sent the package is a limited liability company in San Diego. The company has refused to disclose the sender to you. You believe that the anonymous sender has chosen a novelty item that ranges from freedom of speech to the threat of a female public officer with implied sexual violence You state that this is undoubtedly a dangerous time to be a woman and a public official and you note the recent occurrences of harassment of female officers audiences covered by the media.

“The package and message referred to the campaign to remind you of your elective position and occurred when the recall was attempted. You believe this was sent to you because you are an elected official. You are concerned that the publicity around of this event will put others off You think it is important that the identity of the sender is known for transparency purposes, for example if the sender is a major donor in local campaigns, as this may affect the person’s influence in political campaigns.

“You are also currently receiving anonymous harassing text messages regarding a particular development project and believe that this action may have been intended to intimidate and deter you from performing your duties regarding decisions regarding the project.

The recall campaign against Parks fizzled when backers failed to collect 11,067 signatures in mid-September last year, according to

“Recall supporters launched the campaign to oust Parks in early April, in large part because she cracked down on local businesses and a church that didn’t follow restrictions the county had imposed to limit the spread of COVID-19.” , reported the newspaper on September 14, 2021. .

“The petitioners attempted to collect signatures as recently as Monday at a polling center in Newbury Park. Lunn said sheriff’s deputies were called after signature collectors refused to stop approaching voters. and again when a signature collector followed a poll supervisor into the voting center Deputies spoke to the group and others at the Newbury Park High center and determined that no crime had been committed , said Sheriff Captain Dean Cook.

On March 15, Parks filed a lawsuit against Dick at Your Door, Rain Parade LLC, an allegedly related entity, and two San Diego men who are believed to be directors of the company, in Ventura County Superior Court.

“On or about June 5, the defendants and each of them caused the plaintiff’s home in Ventura County to be delivered a ‘Chocolate Dick,’ an offensive 5-inch chocolate phallus without any redeeming social qualities,” reads the complaint.

According to the Ventura County Superior Court Online Registry, the most recent action in the case was a “30-Day Proof of Service of Summons and Complaint” mailing filed by Parks on April 19. .

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