Use of online birthday gift registry soars in times of COVID

Arden Hills, Minnesota, Aug. 27, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Based on member usage collected from nearly one million signups, Giftster, a free, year-round family gift registry service , reports that sharing of birthday wish lists increased 61% year over year.

While social distancing isn’t entirely responsible for this surge in usage, we’re seeing plenty of parents trying to keep their family celebrations alive in new ways — virtually.

Browsing through family wish lists is a fun way to find out what new hobbies and items interest family members that you might not otherwise know about. And for kids who haven’t been able to attend their favorite school events or activities, it’s a way for them to think big simply by creating a wish list.

For parents trying to keep track of gift ideas for their children, using a gift registry throughout the year reduces the number of duplicate gifts and the time spent coordinating ideas between parents. family members.

Giveaway events can be a big source of stress and anxiety for some, not to add the state of the world on top. Online registries have become a great organizational tool for sharing family wish lists as well as helping to choose great gifts for others that they will not only love, but also fit into a budget. . In this time of great uncertainty, spending responsibly is high on the list of many households this year.

University of Minnesota economist Joel Waldfogel has calculated that the nervousness and anxiety many people feel about giving and receiving gifts has a good reason…a $14 billion reason.

If you add up the cost of all the gift recipients who are disappointed because they got the wrong size or the wrong color gift, you’re actually approaching, for the whole of the United States, a loss worth $14 billion at Christmas alone – the difference between what people pay for gifts and what the recipients value them for.

Giftster continues to hear how families find joy in sharing wish lists online. They report less anxiety, less wasted money, and more joy in getting exactly what they themselves would have chosen and truly enjoying it.

About Giftster

Giftster sets the standard for an easy-to-use universal gift registry for family and close friends. Giftster’s wishlists contain gift ideas from any store in the world, and the Giftster platform includes the website at, the mobile web for small screen devices at m.giftster. com and apps for iOS in the App Store and Android devices in Google Play and Amazon App Store.

Giftster is the popular choice for families who want to simplify Christmas and birthday gifts, and for creating birth, marriage and gift records.


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