Top 10 Practical Gift Ideas For Graduate Seniors Going To College | Features

While the idea of ​​a graduation gift for college freshmen getting ready for dorm life might bring to mind big-ticket items like a laptop, TV, and mini-fridge, here’s a list of great things to do. practical gift ideas for freshmen. going to school that might not come to mind so easily.

Josh Clary, vice president of student affairs and dean of students at the University of Brescia, said he recently spoke with some of the school’s graduates.

“I asked them, what did you wish you had bought or knew you had bought,” Clary said.

1) Surge Protectors

Although a surge protector may seem like a fairly simple gift, they are useful tools to help prevent the destruction of expensive electronics.

Clay said they’re important for students living in dorms in the Owensboro community because students aren’t allowed to use traditional electrical cords.

“It’s local fire marshal code, so always check that stuff,” he said. “Most schools also distribute these lists to students or they will have them on their website.”

2) Detergent pods

Living away from home for the first time comes with various responsibilities that students might not have had to deal with when living with their parents, laundry being one of them. Laundry pods are a great handy gift, as they can get a bit pricey and washing up might not be something a college student thinks about.

“Laundry pods are good because they’re expensive for students to do their laundry with,” Clary said.

3) Wireless headphones

A set of wireless headphones like Apple AirPods can be used to listen to music and podcasts while walking around campus, but are also a handy asset to have for certain classes as well.

“After going through COVID-19, more classes are online now, so if you have the AirPods, you can do your class anywhere basically,” Clary said.

4) Air fryer

Air fryers are a convenient way to get that crispy frying taste without the hassle of an actual air fryer. While air fryers can make a great gift for someone getting ready to cook in a dorm, Clary said it’s important to check that they’re allowed in college students.

“We allow air fryers, but some schools wouldn’t,” Clary said. “Always check with your residence life office to see what you are allowed to bring.”

5) Strips for hanging pictures

One thing about dorm life is that many colleges and universities don’t allow or severely restrict students from hanging pictures and decorations in their dorm using the tried-and-true hammer and nail. Picture hanging strips offer a great alternative, and they come in a variety of sizes for different specific uses.

6) Mattress topper and cover

A mattress pad is a great gift to make sure a college student is comfortable sleeping on their dorm mattress which is probably not as soft as they are used to at home. A mattress cover to put on the mattress and topper help ensure a hygienic sleeping experience.

“You’ll want to check with the student what size, because most colleges use extra-long twin beds for their beds,” Clary said.

7) Portable power bank

In a world that is increasingly dependent on being connected to a wireless device and the internet, a portable power bank is a great gift that will help a college student charge their electronic device in the middle of a lecture hall or school. a university library.

8) Laundry Basket

Freshmen might have to adjust to carrying their laundry a little farther than when they lived at home. A quality laundry hamper will help them take care of their laundry and they won’t drop anything in the dorm hallways.

“A good laundry basket, one with wheels, the students said is a plus,” Clary said.

9) Adjustable bed risers

With limited space, a set of adjustable bed risers can give a dorm bed just enough height to add some handy extra storage.

“If you can lift your bed, you can create more storage under the bed because storage is limited,” Clary said.

10) Gift cards

Gift cards are a perfect gift to take care of anything a student might have forgotten or didn’t realize they needed until they moved into their dorm. Clary said Target and Walmart are popular among college students.

“You don’t always know what you need until you’re there,” Clary said.

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