This Dollar Tree gift box idea is a Christmas decoration


Need decorative ideas to prepare for Christmas? Well, to say the least, we got you. Whether it be super high end dupes or really creative uses for Dollar Store items, we’ve got it all, and we’re bringing it to you early enough that you can stock up and get your home ready for the holidays long before visitors start passing by!

So let’s talk about such a dollar store decoration idea and how you can incorporate it into your own home!


Lexi from Lexi.Diy covers a lot of what goes by her name – DIY, and luckily for us she tries to keep her ideas as easy and cost effective to follow as possible! Today she shows exactly how she created a huge gift box out of materials from Dollar Store, which looks amazing but keeps you from breaking the bank!

You basically need five square shaped wreath shapes and some of these garlands on a string. Lexi went with silver, but you can probably choose whatever color suits your personal aesthetic best! Tie or glue the five squares together, four sides and a top, to create a cube shape – which will be the base shape of your gift box.

Next, take your garlands and start wrapping them all around, starting at the bottom and working your way up to the top. At the top you can continue to weave back and forth, but eventually you shouldn’t be able to really see through and into the hollow center of your “box”. You can then finish the look by creating a large decorative ribbon and “wrapping” your box.

Even better, you can take a reviewer’s suggestion and add some lights inside, giving it a warm glow before decorating your home!

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