Thirty Two 2022 Holiday Gift Ideas for Employees, Coworkers, Clients and Your Boss


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The holiday season is the perfect time to share how much you appreciate your customers and colleagues. A simple gift box or personalized jewelry can do a lot of good. The following guide includes tons of ideas and specific products to fill your holiday gift list.

Should you give holiday gifts to professional colleagues?

Holiday gifts are generally acceptable in a professional setting, as long as the recipient celebrates the winter holiday season in some way. Additionally, business owners ensure that all office workers are treated equally. Either everyone should give gifts to everyone in a small team, or organize a gift exchange with fixed prizes.

Which holiday season is ideal for giving gifts at work?

Holiday gift policies may vary by team. If you have a diverse team, wishing people “Happy Holidays” and keeping the message generic can make everyone feel included. Some companies even offer freebies or bonuses around the New Year instead of Christmas.

Best Holiday Gifts for Your Boss

Holiday gifts for a boss can vary widely. Those on large teams may simply gift small trinkets, while smaller businesses may trade in more personalized items. Here are some of the best gifts for a boss that can work for a variety of instances.

1. Office factory

A desk plant can be a crowd-pleasing gift option. But go for a container with a cute container or a fun message if your boss has a sense of humor. There are also plenty of artificial plant options for those who don’t have a green thumb.

2. Coffee Mug

A coffee mug is an ideal boss gift because it is both practical and easy to personalize. Choose one with a fun saying, monogram, or even a personalized photo or quote.

3. Pen set

The pens are also perfect for business gifts. Make it special by choosing a set with a personalized box.

4. Digital photo frame

Digital photo frames make amazing gifts because they can easily be personalized by the recipient. They can add their own photos and even edit them over time to enjoy their family or their favorite travel destinations right at their desk.

5. Golf practice net

If your boss likes to play golf, a pop-up practice net can help improve his game at home.

6. Passport cover

A passport cover is a fairly inexpensive gift, but it can be ideal for a boss who travels frequently. You can even have it monogrammed with their initials.

7. Teapot

If your boss likes tea, get him a teapot that he can use to enjoy a nice hot drink at his desk.

8. Personalized Briefcase

A briefcase might be a slightly more expensive boss gift, but it’s universally useful and can be personalized with initials.

Gift Ideas for Customers for the Holidays

The perfect gift for a client can vary greatly, depending on your proximity and how many client gifts you need to purchase. Here are some options that can show your appreciation.

9. Gift Basket

Gift baskets are ideal for customers as they come in many different varieties and usually contain multiple items. An assortment of snacks can be a crowd-pleasing option.

10. Hot Chocolate

A hot chocolate set is both fun and festive. Go for a set that includes multiple flavors or extra accessories like a mug and marshmallows to make it special.

11. Golf club covers

For customers you meet often on the golf course, accessories like golf club covers can show your appreciation.

12. Gardening set

For those who love to garden, a simple herb gardening kit can include everything they need to grow tasty herbs at home or in the office.

13. Portable speakers

A portable speaker is a pretty universal gift. Customers can use it to listen to music at their desk or stream their favorite podcasts around the house or garden.

14. Clipboard

Clipboards can be very useful for holding documents in place on a desk. Choose an elegant design or get a custom one that can include your own photos.

15. Cocktail Tools

For the customer you like to hang out at happy hour, get them their own set of cocktail tools so they can play bartender at home.

16. Luggage tags

Luggage tags are universally useful but can be especially ideal for those who travel frequently for work.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Coworkers

Gifts from colleagues vary widely. You can get a one-time gift for someone you’re very close to, or go for crowd-pleasing options if you’re buying for your whole team. These gifts tend to be a bit more informal, but here’s a wide range of options to consider.

17. Chocolate Box

Chocolate is a gift that will please everyone and that can suit all your colleagues. Customize this option by getting flavors you know your team loves.

18. Wine glasses

Wine glasses can be an ideal gift for a colleague who likes to relax with a glass of red at the end of the night or for anyone who likes to entertain.

19. Wall Art

Does your colleague’s office need some extra decoration? Get a print that matches their style or a set of inspirational canvases like this.

20. Photo decoration

Christmas decorations are small and easy to give to your whole team. Add a personal touch by having family or team photos printed on each one.

21. Coffee Table Books

There is an almost endless selection of coffee table books. So, you can surely find something that matches the unique interests of each of your colleagues. For example, get a fashion book for your stylish colleague and one about dogs for the person who always brings their pet to office events.

22. Custom Puzzle

You can create puzzles with almost any photo you provide. So, get a family picture from your co-worker or take a photo of something they’re interested in and make it a personalized piece.

23. Yard Games

Yard games are ideal for fun-loving colleagues or those who like to entertain. There are many options available, from giant Jenga to ring toss games. Find out what they already have, then get something new to add to their collection.

24. Spa Set

If you have a colleague who has a stressful job or has just finished a big project, a spa set may be perfect to help them relax. Get a gift box full of options, or you can even pair it with a gift card to a local spa.

Holiday gift ideas for employees

Business owners often receive gifts for their entire team. Those with just a few employees can invest in bulky or personalized items for each person. However, those with larger teams can instead opt for smaller items that they can buy in bulk. Here are several great freebies that can work for different types of small business teams.

25. tote bag

Tote bags are universally useful. You can get stylish bags in different colors and designs, or have your company logo printed on them to facilitate corporate pride.

26. Board Games

Board games are fun and crowd-pleasing because there are so many options to choose from. This is a more personalized gift idea, so well suited to small teams.

27. Touchscreen Gloves

Touch gloves are practical for the winter because they allow you to continue using your smartphone without taking it off. It’s a perfect gift idea for large teams.

28. Diary

A journal can be an ideal gift to help employees organize their thoughts and achieve their professional and personal goals. Some journals are completely blank, as well as some with prompts or themes like this gratitude journal.

29. Personalized Mugs

Whether your team loves coffee or hot chocolate, just about anyone can use mugs at work and/or at home. There are many custom options where you can add a name, initial, photo, or quote.

30. Cutting board

A cutting board can be a perfect gift for employees who love to cook, but it can also serve as a fun kitchen decoration.

31. travel cubes

Travel cubes are small zippered bags used to organize suitcases during travel. It’s an ideal gift for teams that have to travel frequently or those who like to travel outside of work.

32. Desktop Organizer

A desktop organizer can be used for virtually any employee, even those who work remotely.

What are the best Christmas gifts for professional colleagues?

Christmas gifts for professional colleagues should be crowd-pleasing, but with enough of a personal touch to make them feel valued. For example, a coffee service can apply to almost anyone. But add a monogrammed mug to personalize it.

What gifts are in fashion for Christmas 2022?

Popular holiday gifts for 2022 include feel-good items like matcha sets, tech gadgets like charging stations, and clothing and accessories like comfy sandals and personalized necklaces.

Should a boss give his employees a Christmas present?

Bosses can give employees Christmas gifts, but it’s not mandatory. Donate items only if you can do something similar for everyone in the office, or if it’s part of a company-wide activity like Secret Santa.

How much should you spend on employee holiday gifts?

It depends on your budget and the size of your team. Many employees are happy with small gifts under $20. But there are also companies that offer freebies of $100 or more. However, those with large funds can simply offer cash bonuses instead.

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