The world’s leading gift card exchange celebrates its second anniversary with over 200,000 users

Tbay is a global cross-border e-commerce platform that was founded just 2 years ago and has grown to over 200,000 users, with an effective monthly GMV over 100,000,000. The rapid growth of a business is due to the support and trust of its customers. Most Tbay users are now in Europe and America, as well as many African countries such as Nigeria. Based in the above regions, Tbay extends its business to all other parts of the world.

Richiedoe, who comes from United Statesand Anifowose Saheed, from Lagos, are both regular users who have witnessed the growth of Tbay over the past couple of years. Tbay has brought so much fun and extra income to Anifowose Saheed every month. He says, “Thank you Tbay for making it more convenient and efficient to move funds through gift cards!”. Now, he is always happy to quickly withdraw Naira in cash from Tbay.

Richieedoe has accumulated more experience. After intensive study of Tbay and frequent trading on the platform, he figured out how to get the most profit. He says, “I have extra income thanks to Tbay! Thank you Tbay for giving me the opportunity to increase my income in my spare time, it is a very convenient, efficient and highly secure trading application”. Tbay Online has a group of service providers that have been verified. All play fair and have won the hearts of many users. Redeeming with them provides users with higher profit margins for redeeming gift cards. Tbay has established strategic cooperation with hundreds of local banks, enabling decentralized transactions, cutting out any middlemen who charge high service fees, so users can earn more from trading.

Tbay’s technical team has been deeply involved in the development of internet software and blockchain encryption technology for over ten years. Always eager to develop, the team is committed to developing new techniques. The upcoming Video Authentication feature will directly tackle weak points such as bad market information, bad payments and no service guarantee, to ensure safe trading.

“I used to use other platforms for gift card trading but my trading had issues on all of them. However, my trading is never wrong on Tbay. To be honest, Tbay is the best of all,” said Peter, a user of Nigeria, with great enthusiasm. According to Peter, Tbay always releases an updated version in time, and users have found more convenient functions, which brings them a world-leading technical experience. He says, “I must praise Tbay’s customer service, they always dispel my doubts wholeheartedly with great patience.”

According to the Tbay user survey, users don’t just transact capital and more importantly, they connect with other people in this community! They like to share about gift card trading here because it’s more of a social interaction. Technology changes lives. On the path to growth, Tbay stays true to his original aspiration and pushes forward with his dream. On its second anniversary, Tbay launches many promotions to reward users for their commitment to Tbay.

About TBay

Tbay, which offers an online gift card exchange service, is the world’s leading online exchange platform. As a global cross-border e-commerce platform, Tbay is mainly engaged in “online gift card trading”, aiming to help gift card users earn money and digital assets efficiently. . Using various mature and stable encryption techniques such as blockchain, the team launched a precise attack on marketing weak points, effectively solving problems such as information discrepancy, payment gap and lack of service guarantee. With its advantages including diversified transaction scenarios, efficient transaction conditions, top-notch safe service and high exchange rate, Tbay has built a complete digital ecosystem, which enables transactions to be concluded quickly while greatly reducing the costs.


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