The owner of the Mayfair shopping center regularly organizes gift cards

In an effort to attract people to its stores, a company that operates three malls in British Columbia plans to give away $1 million worth of gift cards this year.

Central Walk – which owns Mayfair Mall in Victoria, Woodgrove Center in Nanaimo and Tsawwassen Mills in the Lower Mainland – says monthly gift card events will help retain customers and strengthen the community after the pandemic displaced people. buying habits of many consumers towards online shopping.

“We are still here and we want people to come back and shop at malls again,” says Fan Sun, executive director of Central Walk.

Customers can use their phone to scan QR codes in person or visit the company’s social media sites (for each corresponding mall), to get a $10 gift card at promotional events.

If shoppers spend more than $100, they’ll have a chance to win even more.

Mayfair Mall recently held a gift card promotion on July 2, giving away 2,700 gift cards totaling $27,000 in one day.

“It was so successful, great fun, we had activities and played games,” says Sun.

Central Walk plans to hold more events at Mayfair Mall on the first Saturday of every month.

“Our retailers really appreciate the extra business in malls,” says Laura Poland, Mayfair’s managing director.

“It’s our way of engaging with communities and our way of bringing buyers back to our properties, to stay, to pass, and to enjoy their time with us.”

The first monthly promotion at Woodgrove Center in Nanaimo will take place this Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and will include 40 outdoor booths, live music and gift cards. It’s first come, first served for the promotion totaling over $25,000. Once the cards are sold out, no more will be offered until the next distribution event.

“It’s getting quite popular,” says Poland. “I would recommend people in Nanaimo come fairly quickly because it’s while supplies last.”

Sun says Central Walk is committed to the community and wants to bring people happiness by giving back with this promotion, which runs until the end of 2022.

“We’ll just keep giving away the gift cards until they’re all used up,” Sun says.

The executive director said the company was working on a number of other initiatives to win back shoppers, ranging from more restaurants to educational playgrounds for children and new promotional events.

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