The hardest to buy people and gift ideas for them

The hardest to find people and gift ideas

Receiving gifts is a sweet and touching affair, but of course it comes with its own unspoken challenges. From acquaintances you barely meet to hard-to-impress in-laws, there’s no denying that some people are harder to find than others.

Here is a list of eight hardest people to buy and gift ideas you can impress them with. All mentioned merchants are readily available via Ugift, a customizable gift card app. Read until the end for the full detailsand an owl free gift card advantage for new users.

1. Budget-conscious moms who want you to save money

ask anyone budget conscious mom what she wants for a gift, and you’d probably be greeted with “you have nothing to get me”. As well-meaning as her response may be, it’s all the more frustrating to find the perfect gift to show your love and appreciation.

It’s even worse when she tells you to “keep your money” because they can certainly use their singaporean aunty the feat of finding your gift at a lower price.

While that may be the case, you can always surprise them with a gift card at merchants they frequent. Examples include NTUC Fair Price, Sheng Siong and Red-Martwhere a gift card to offset food and home essentials is sure to delight darling mom.

2. Girls who are particularly concerned about their makeup and aesthetics

girl putting on makeup eyeliner

Sometimes buying your friend Applying makeup in the wrong color or offering them clothes that have an aesthetic that they never wear is a criminal offense in their eyes.

If you’re tearing your hair out wondering “what am I getting BB this year?”, giving your girlfriend an all-expenses-paid shopping spree might just be the answer – through a gift card to beauty and fashion retailers like Sephora and Zalora.

To really seal the deal and clinch the title of #BoyfriendGoalsbe sure to pause the cheerleader mode when baby shows you her new haircuts and makeup, and helps you carry those shopping bags.

3. Old friends you only meet once a year

Groups of Friends Clique - Difficult People Gift Ideas

Maybe you’re the kind of person who can come up with a great gift idea for someone you’re not that close to – Lucky you. However, many of us find ourselves choosing something like a generic cup of coffee the day before the once-a-year birthday celebration with a former clique member who has moved on.

One way to overcome this challenge would be to split the cost of a gift with others in your social circle. After all, safety is in the numbers. If the gang can’t decide what to get, To input vouchers are a gift option that will rarely be disappointed, as they allow the recipient to use it on trips and food deliveries.

4. Husbands and dads whose wishlist you’ve already exhausted

Husbands Fathers - Difficult People Gift Ideas

V’Day, Christmas, birthdays and Father’s Day are all privileged occasions to celebrate the husbands and dads in our life.

Normally, we would dip into “male necessities” like watches, ties, and maybe tech gear. However, if you follow the same tactic every year on all four of these occasions, you’ll soon find yourself with a depleted wish list and a growing mountain of basic gifts that they may not choose for themselves.

Rather than buying a specific item, the solution might lie in gift cards where they hold the power to choose for themselves. hurry. For example, if your husband or father is a sports fan, treat him to a shopping spree at Locker. The wide range of products – from stylish sportswear to sports equipment – will leave them spoiled for choice as a Lil’ child in a candy store.

5. New SO Family Members

Couple Bar Date Singapore

When you enter a new relationship with your partner, you are introduced to a brand new family. Besides trying to remember all the new names and faces at big family gatherings, you’ll probably also want to make an impression when it comes to gifts. The problem is that you are not fully aware of their wishlist.

To avoid failing this mission terribly and cementing your reputation as a bad donor, grant these potential future parents the freedom of choice with a Frasers Property gift card. There are 13 malls under this umbrella, scattered all over Singapore, from Northpoint City to Century Square.

This way, they can embark on a shopping adventure at their own convenience and redeem their gift card for whatever their heart truly desires.

6. Children of relatives and friends you don’t know very well

Stuffed Animals - Difficult People Gift Ideas

Whether you’re shopping for your little niece or nephew or meeting your friend’s bundle of joy, shop for gifts for children actually involves ticking the boxes of their parents as well.

While the kid might be thrilled with any new entertainment you’ve given them, there are considerations for adults like, is it age appropriate? Do they already have this item? Will Baby Shark’s loop from a musical toy drive them crazy?

To avoid tarnishing your reputation and potentially bringing an unwanted gift into their household, it’s best to leave the choice up to the child – under the guidance of their parents, of course. Online platforms such as Shop and Lazadain particular, are home to numerous merchants selling toys, baby necessities, and educational resources for children.

7. Tai Tai friends who already own everything

Shopping in Singapore - Gift Ideas Picky People

If you know someone who essentially radiates the Jamie Chua vibe with their collection of aesthetically pleasing and enviable designer bags, you’ll know that finding a gift for shut up shut up is a reason to give you a colossal headache.

Unless you’re willing to shell out a fortune for the latest luxury cut, chances are whatever you think they might need, they probably already have it. Want champagne flutes? To verify. Pretty 100% organic scented candle? To verify. Atas wine? To verify.

Instead of offering something that they will eventually give away, perhaps you can offer them a relaxing day of self-care at The Spa by The Ultimate. Because who wouldn’t love to rejuvenate with a luxurious facial or massage, especially if it’s free?

8. Picky in-laws you want to impress

In-Laws - Difficult People Gift Ideas

While you may get to know someone better over time, that doesn’t mean finding a great gift for them gets easier. Take difficult in-laws for example. Even if you’ve been in the family for a while and know all of their likes and dislikes, you might still find yourself completely unaware of what to buy that will impress and not end up being re-gifted.

When in doubt, getting a functional gift is the way to go. Think of tech and appliance stores like Best Denki, where practical options abound. Whether mixers for your MIL who wants to get into juices or a fancy new electric razor for your stepdad, there will be defo be something that will wow your in-laws. And hey, they’ll even think of you every time they use it.

Kill Your Gifting Game With Ugift Customizable Gift Cards

Use the phone on the couch

When it comes to giving a gift, it’s often the thought that counts – as cliché as that sounds. Shopping for gifts can be a pain, but you can easily ease your stress while delighting your recipients with the Ugift app.

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Just register an account and start browsing. Once you’ve chosen the merchant you’d like to purchase gift cards from, add them to your cart and customize the e-card as you wish.

Gift cards - Ugift

Instead of a regular, generic gift card, you’ll have great creative freedom to design the perfect digital gift. Insert your own images, personalize your greetings and even choose music to accompany the gift card.

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Even better, new users who download and register the Ugift app before April 3, 2022 will receive a $5 gift card from one of Ugift’s merchants.

Now that you’ve unlocked a whole new way to give gifts, it’s time to pull off the must-have trick of filler gifts like mugs and socks every year. With gift cards from various merchants easily accessible from the Ugift mobile app, you can create one in minutes instead of racking your brains for ideas and making frivolous purchases. IRL.

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