The Dowry Launches Selected & Handmade Housewares Wedding Gift Registry Platform

Megan Hodges is the Dallas-Fort Worthentrepreneur, founder and CEO of The Dowry. Trying to select unique household products for her 2007 wedding registry only led to frustration. She couldn’t find the items she really wanted in her new home without investing a lot in the process.

“Since 2007, I have seen a persistent trend: we seek but rarely succeed in making our homes a full representation of what we envision – an extension of our love, our friendships, our travels, our personalities, our memories,” Megan says. “Currently, marriage registers only offer couples products that are mass-produced by big box retailers, so cookie-cutter homes lack originality.”

The wedding industry is in a new era of micro-weddings, minimonies, and virtual weddings – as wedding ceremonies tend towards more intimate and meaningful gatherings of your closest family and friends. Dowry’s mission reflects the current trend by curating a personalized, meaningful and quality collection of household items for you and your partner that you will cherish for years to come. Even useful kitchen and dinnerware like pitchers, colanders, cookware, and plates are exquisitely and beautifully crafted to become family keepsakes instead of forgotten items a year after your wedding.

“We have a growing community of artists, whose beautiful work exists outside of big box retailers but belongs to our tables, shelves and rooms,” Megan explains. “We revere the uniqueness of the human condition and encourage you to go beyond mass-produced items and step into a world that feels special, personal and bespoke.”

The dowry offers household items in the categories of bar, bed, home, kitchen, service and table, including, for example, glassware, bar accessories, textiles, decoration, cookware, bakeware, cookware, cutlery and trays. But creating a wedding list at The Dowry is more of a quest for self-discovery than wandering around a big box store with a sweep gun in your hand. Megan said, “The items you find at The Dowry are considered exceptional, unique and one of a kind.”

Eighty percent of couples say wedding records should be personalized and designed to reflect their life together according to Wedding Wire’s 2020 Newlyweds Report. And the Deloitte Consumer Business Report 2020 goes even further: “The consumer products market, in 2020 and beyond, seeks the distinction of tastes, preferences, personalized products and personalization. Ethical and niche brands will take market share.

Whether you are a newly engaged couple looking for a way to create a unique wedding list, an artist interested in growing your business, or a wedding guest looking for your gift to become a family heirloom, The Dowry is for you. here to help!

Dowry : An ethical wedding gift list and marketplace that connects engaged couples with inspiring artists and their quality housewares to enrich the couple’s home with a sense of intention and originality. We create organized environments and settings for wedding guests to manually select items to purchase and ultimately meet the couple’s aesthetic for their home.

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