The Backyard Chicken Owners Gift Box

A box of treats and toys for your backyard chickens! All sales support Chicken Rescue Shelters.

Summer Sale: Get a HUGE 25% OFF your first box!

A box of treats and toys for your backyard chickens! All sales support Chicken Rescue Shelters.

Summer Sale: Get 25% off your first box!

How CoopCrate works

gifts for chicken owners


CoopCrate is available to chicken farmers in United States and Canada.

pet chicken box

Your first box ships today.

The following chicken boxes ship on the 15th. Shipping to the United States is free!

backyard chicken gift box

Open and enjoy.

New gifts for pet chickens in every unique box!

Chicken grooming tools, gourmet treats and more!

Enter for a chance to win a FREE chicken coop every month!

Win a free chicken coop

Every month we slip a “Golden Ticket” into a random CoopCrate. . . find one in your box, and you win a FREE chicken coop!

Each CoopCrate features the rescue chicken you helped

unique chicken gifts

CoopCrate doesn’t just spoil your chickens. . . it also helps other backyard chicken breeds that are cared for at poultry rescue shelters across the country! Gift ideas for chicken lovers don’t get any better than this.

Donate to Chicken Rescue Sanctuary

What’s inside CoopCrate

Gourmet treats for chickens

Get exclusive treats, herbs, seeds and supplements for chickens in our monthly box. Your garden flock will love them! (Pro tip: ducks love our treats too…no quackery!)

Fun and unique gifts for chicken lovers

Need an original, unique or fun gift for chicken owners? CoopCrate is the perfect gift! Order a chicken lover gift for Christmas, birthdays, Mother’s Day and more.

Chicken grooming toys and tools

Hens and roosters also need to have fun! You’ll love the crazy and practical chicken themed gifts we send. We are not Henny and Roo, but we are a chicken subscription box!

chicken keeper gifts

Who cares about quality when it comes to raising urban chickens! Every backyard chicken mystery box is verified by our experts at CoopCrate Farms. This is the perfect subscription box for owners of pet chickens, makers of the Horse Gift Box, Pet Pig Box, and Spa Dog. (Tip: Ducks and other birds love Coop Crate too!)

pet chickens

Review by Happy Chicken Owners

chicken lover gifts

CoopCrate is the best! We really love raising free-range chickens, and our “daughters” love the treats in every box. There’s always fun stuff for me too! I love the Crazy Chicken Lady gift candy bags. 🙂

chicken lover subscription

We received a CoopCrate subscription as a gift from my father-in-law, and it’s probably the best gift you can give to someone who raises chickens. The boxes are really cute and contain unique gifts and decoration for chicken owners.

gifts for chicken lovers

OMG these boxes are so fun, it’s like a way to spoil your hens every month. It has chicken gifts that Amazon and other online stores don’t sell. Thank you CoopCrate for the best delivery of chicken boxes!

backyard chickens

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