The 19 Best Ideas for Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets and Gift Boxes

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  • A gift basket is a practical and thoughtful way to show your loved ones how much you care.
  • Below, we’ve included some of our favorite Valentine’s Day gift boxes, along with tips for making your own.
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Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating those you love for exactly who they are, but it can be hard to find an equally quirky and adorable gift in a sea of ​​flowers and chocolate. While sticking to reliability might work for some (clichés are clichés for a reason, after all), there are plenty of creative ways to appreciate your loved ones.

Gift baskets are an effective, yet cute as always, way to show your gift that you care. From pre-made baskets that showcase a hobby to bespoke gift boxes that really to have them, we all want to recognize all types of love in February.

Since your valentine can be a partner, family member, or best friend, we made sure to include options that truly cater to all kinds of valentines. Plus, if you’d rather make a personalized basket yourself, we’ve picked out some of the cutest Valentine’s Day gifts to combine into the ultimate gift box.

Here are our 19 favorite Valentine’s Day baskets and gift boxes, plus some goodies to include in a custom box:

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