The 12 Best Plant Gift Ideas for 2022

POV: It’s gift-giving season and you have a loved one who is obsessed with plants.

You already have the parents (and pet parents) in your life covered for the holidays, so why not show your friends + family some love with some baby plants?

Instead of guessing what the green thumb in your life wants for the holidays, try one of these fun, personal gifts.

We’ve scoured the internet (and our favorite plant stores) to bring you unique and affordable gifts that will pamper the plant-obsessed in your life…and their plants! From practical gardening gifts to pot-shaped mugs, there’s something on this list for every plant lover. Let’s dig!

Click and grow the smart garden

Offer fresh produce with a smart garden that requires no effort, but offers a *massive* green reward.

A favorite among Team Greatist, this gift is perfect for beginners and seasoned growers alike. All your gift needs to do is insert a plant pod, add water, and watch Smart Garden do all the growing magic. Choose from a huge collection of flowers, fruits, vegetables and more!

WallyGro Eco wall planters

Have someone on your list who has all the plants, but nowhere to put them? These eco-friendly wall planters add style and function to any space. Choose from a collection of colors or create your own coordinating color pack.

And if you want to add a little more punch to the gift, WallyGro also offers plant kits that include a planter, plant and potting soil.

MountainMudWorks Ceramic Mushroom Watering Stakes

For the plant lover who also loves to accessorize, these adorable ceramic watering spikes add a charming touch to any indoor or outdoor plant. These mushrooms are more than cute though – they distribute water evenly throughout the soil to keep plants hydrated between waterings. This means they are perfect for your friends or family who travel a lot and need an extra hand to keep their plants watered.

Uncommon Goods Vertical Garden Pot Rack

Who needs a new planter when you can have a garden pot stand that can hold up to eight (yes, eight!!!) plants?

Cultivate your loved one’s indoor or outdoor garden with this unique way to display and store their favorite plants. You can use these hangers indoors or outdoors – all you need is 4 or 6 inch terracotta pots to accompany them.

The Sill gift card

Buying a new plant requires a lot of thought, whether it’s knowing where the sunlight is coming from or considering the safety of fur babies. If you’re not 100% sure about all that factory logistics, a gift card is the perfect solution.

We love The Sill and have had amazing experiences ordering from the site – the plants always arrive well packaged and protected. They also come with step-by-step instructions for getting started with your new bb plant.

Ivolador Spread Station

Propagation stations are all rage right now, and for good reason! They make it easy to expand your plant family with clippings and look ~amazing~ while doing it. Whether you gift the station solo or with a few of your own clippings (nothing says I love you like the spread!), this gift is sure to appeal to any plant lover.

Uncommon Goods Oyster mushroom log

For the plant lover who has it all (and loves mushrooms). This mushroom log is a super fun and easy way to grow fresh produce. You can harvest oyster mushrooms from this log for up to 3 years – so it really is a gift that keeps on giving.

Sourcing Leaves: A Guide to Keeping Houseplants Happy

Do you have a loved one who is just beginning their plant parenting journey? Or even someone who is thirsty to know more about their green friends? This book is where it is. From choosing the right pot to placing the window, Sheet Supply has comprehensive care guides for over 100 types of houseplants AND offers details on styling these green bbs.

TheGreenConspiracy Gardening Journal

This journal is a must-have for any serious gardening enthusiast. It includes a yearly planting calendar, plant profiles to organize growing information, and tons of free space for notes, illustrations, and more.

The planner has 40 pages to document and track your garden’s progress – plus, we love that it’s all biodegradable.

The “Plants” beanie by Sill

Plants + fashion. I can’t lose. Keep your plant-obsessed friend warm with a chic beanie that says it all… PLANTS. The hat is washable and the perfect price for a stocking stuffer too.

ShelbySellsCo Terracotta Plant Daddy Mug

Cute mugs are some of the best gifts. It’s something we all love to have, use every day, but often avoid buying for ourselves. Trust us when we say that a mug that looks like a terracotta pot is every plant lover’s dream! Also available in “Plant Lady”, “Plant Witch” and other adorable ids. DIY Bonsai Kit

This is a truly unique, soothing, practical gift that will last for years. Each kit includes a 3-year-old tree of your choice, a glazed container, decorative stones and shears to cut the bonsai to your liking.

Keep in mind that they are not safe for pets or children, so avoid giving one to a furry baby and/or human parents.

The bottom line

Buying a plant parent can seem like a tricky task, whether it’s knowing what plants they like or what gardening tools they might need. These gifts will help you avoid stress and find them something that will make them (and their baby plants) thrive! Good growth and gifts. 🌱

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