Six last minute gift ideas for all occasions | Highlighted

While some savvy people might have a little box tucked away in a closet full of gifts to give on the fly, or when they’ve forgotten a special occasion, you might not be that type of planner. While this is a great idea to craft for future instances, you may be looking for a last-minute gift right now. Maybe you’re struggling to find a thoughtful gift for the person who has everything. Whatever your reason for looking for a gift in a pinch, let’s take a look at some of the best last-minute gift ideas to suit any occasion.

Go big or go home

If you’re shopping for that special someone in your life, especially if it’s last minute — or worse, late — you might as well go big or go home. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so you can never go wrong with a classic set of diamond stud earrings. Maybe you messed up and need a last minute apology gift? Tennis bracelets are back in style, along with chunky gold chain necklaces. Either way, you can never go wrong with extravagant jewelry to show someone how much you care.

Another “go big or go home” item you can gift someone is a vehicle. Especially if you know they need a new car, or they just got their driver’s license. A new car is an incredibly generous gift and could be life changing for the recipient. Maybe it was you who wanted a new car, and you could give them your gently used vehicle and splurge on the car you wanted.

Experience Gifts

Giving a gift experience is easy to come up with at the last minute because it doesn’t take in-person shopping or a lot of time online either. Say the person you’re shopping for has always wanted to take a hot air balloon ride – call and book! Maybe they’ve always wanted to go skydiving – a few taps on your laptop and it’s booked. If the recipient doesn’t mind waiting a few days or weeks, you can even splurge on a getaway as a last-minute gift. We all need a vacation, and chances are that if you book a vacation for someone, you’re close enough to be their travel companion too!

Consumables always win

Whether the person you’re shopping for is a foodie, a minimalist, or you really don’t know what to get them, consumables are always a winner. You can go in many directions for consumables – food, drink, savory or sweet. If you know the person well enough to know their tastes, it can narrow things down enough that you can quickly get in and out of a store to pick up their gift. You can never go wrong with a bottle of wine. Maybe your partner loved the chocolate you received for Valentine’s Day; grabbing them a few truffles of the same brand or making a basket with multiple options is another idea. Consumable gifts are great because they are durable and everyone likes to treat themselves once in a while.

Subscription Services

Similarly, these experience freebies only take a few clicks of a button, and subscription services are great for the last-minute shopper along the same lines. Of course, this takes a bit more of a decision on your part as to which subscription would benefit the recipient the most. While this gift is a great last-minute gift, be sure to fill out a card and present it to the recipient so they know what you got them and why you think they would appreciate it. As there are subscriptions for pretty much anything someone might be excited about – cat toys, wine or clothes – you can surely find something the person you’re shopping for would be thrilled to get monthly or quarterly plans. .

Suppose the person you are buying a subscription from has no hobbies. In that case, you who are thinking of you, but are a busy parent or professional, consider paying the annual fee to some meal delivery service like Grubhub or Doordash. You can also include a gift card on these platforms, so that the first meals are at your expense!

Give of your time

Maybe you are looking for a last minute gift and nothing suits you. These days we’re all being pulled in so many different directions that it seems like we don’t have enough hours in the day. If you have time in your schedule, just consider spending time with your friend or family member you want to celebrate. Even if the last minute giveaway was “just because”, why not give them a call and see if they’d like to get together and reconnect “just because”. The world needs love and connection more than ever right now, so the gift of time costs you nothing but could mean anything.

Donations to charity

We all have people in our lives who, whenever we ask them what they want for a holiday or a birthday, their response is, “You don’t need to get me anything.” For those people in our lives, consider donating to a charity or nonprofit in their name. Please consider the things they are passionate about. Even easier if they have volunteered for an organization that is making a difference in the past. The great thing about the idea of ​​giving is that you can give as little or as much as you can. The important thing is that you gave it your all. Letting the person know that you donated to an organization or two in their name is all they will need.

Finding yourself in the conundrum of gift shopping at the eleventh hour is never pleasant. I hope the ideas mentioned above will help you out of this impasse, but remember the stash of gifts in a box referenced initially? It’s never a bad idea for occasions like these. Good shopping!

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