Should parents have a gift list for their children’s birthday?

Children’s birthdays seem to have become quite the “thing”. Organizing a child’s birthday party is like planning a mini-wedding. When did it get so complicated and expensive?

I’ve been to parties where the parents are pissed off, but they crack and fall well over $ 1000 on the whole event. It’s pretty impressive but who are we trying to please? The parents of the children, or the whiny child who will probably grow up without any appreciation because they have been given everything?

From clowns to make-up artists, trampoline parties to indoor play areas… from the theme of princesses to pirates… a mom will try to outdo the next by organizing these birthday extravaganza-paloozas! And it’s not even the freebies!

Asking your guests to buy a gift for a young child from a gift list seems a bit of a stretch. A list of birthday gifts for a child ?! I mean, I can figure out a wedding or baby shower so that the new bride or mom-to-be isn’t stuck with 12 coffeemakers and 15 baby blankets. But a birthday list for little Bobby or young Suzie?

A woman was outraged after her brother presented her with a birthday list for her two-year-old niece, AND asked how much she was willing to spend on the toddler. She wrote in the now-deleted thread that her brother and sister-in-law asked her to stick to a list of approved gifts for their baby girl.

An “approved” list… like a wedding list. When did a birthday gift list become a thing ?! Should kids have a birthday gift list?

The brother had told her that if she wasn’t going to buy on the list then she didn’t need to bother buying anything! To make matters more difficult, the woman who posted named “Underthemoonlight” revealed that her children only received a “tenner” birthday card for their gift (tenner is a ten dollar bill). It seems selfish enough to give a gift in cash, but demand that guests buy gifts from an organized list and how much the guest would spend. So vulgar!

“She asked me how much I was spending so that she could organize what she had to choose from her list which covered how much I would spend,” the woman wrote, according to the Daily mail. “I was pushed back a bit. We have very minimal contact, they don’t ask about the children and have very little interaction with us. All of our kids have all turned ten on the birthday card, which is fair enough.

How do you feel about having a birthday list / register for a young child’s birthday party? Clever or silly?

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