Shell gift card offers on social media are a scam

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Facebook posts claim that, amid soaring gas prices in the United States, Shell is offering gift cards to people who fill out an online form. It’s wrong; a Shell representative told AFP that it does not distribute such cards and that the messages impersonate the energy company.

“Gasoline prices are getting too high. Shell is helping by handing out $500 gas cards for just $1.95. Click ‘Apply Now’ and get yours,” reads a Facebook post from June 13, 2022 , which links to a website displaying the British logo. multinational company and referring to a “loyalty program”.

Screenshot of a Facebook post taken on June 15, 2022
A screenshot taken on June 15, 2022 shows a website claiming to offer Shell fuel gift cards

The same claim circulated on Facebook here and here. The releases, all released in June, come as American families and businesses face challenges from rising inflation and record gasoline prices.

But Shell did not authorize these promotions: a spokesperson for the company told AFP that the messages are fraudulent.

“We can confirm that these adverts falsely claim to be Shell by imitating the brand,” said Shell spokeswoman Natalie Gunnell. “We do not provide the services claimed in these Facebook ads. Customers can save at the pump through our Fuel Rewards program.”

Gunnell added that the company notified Facebook of the fraudulent ads.

Online offers for benefit cards and other freebies are a common tactic that scammers use on social media to obtain users’ personal information. AFP Fact Check has debunked similar claims here, here and here.

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