Seriously Sedap! The Kintry Malaysia gift box contains all of our favorite snacks

If you love to snack as much as we do, without having to worry about the added calories, of course, Kintry might just be your go-to choice. Kintry was born from the mind of brilliant mother and local entrepreneur Michelle Chai Li-Shen in 2017.

With health in mind, founder Michelle Chai launched her brand of artisanal snacks and foods made with premium natural ingredients, adding the love and familiar tastes of the land. Its delicious line of homemade products includes salted egg yolk chips, macadamia cookies, pandan gula Melaka granola, salted butter caramel granola, honey and quinoa granola, and oatmeal cookies.

Don’t worry, Kintry is also Halal certified by JAKIM.

Kintry recently collaborated with local artist Fazarizan Mukhtar to present the gift of delicious treats in a cheerful design of two gift boxes. To quote Kintry, both Fazarizan and Michelle aim to invoke a sense of pride in being Malaysian, united and having hope together.

Fazarizan says it took about a month to brainstorm the idea and bring his designs to life for this collaboration. The design of both boxes features cheerful patterns that showcase Malaysian faces and local cultures. As mentioned earlier, the Fazarizan X Kintry collaboration offers two types of gift boxes that feature a selection of Kintry goodies, a customizable card, and Fazarizan’s colorful designs.

The first gift box is called Anak Malaysia box and comes in three sizes: Mini (40.99 RM), Midi (66.99 RM) and Maxi (77.99 RM). The design of this box includes an illustration of various Malaysian faces enjoying delicious local snacks such as curry puffs, kuihs, steamed buns, murukkus and surely Kintry goodies.

The second Bangkit Malaysia gift box is available in much larger variations with three selections Mini (102.99 RM), Maxi (109.99 RM) and a Mix box (99.99 RM), in which you can choose the snacks. Kintry you prefer. The design presents another facet of our culture just as radiant as the first with a drawing of people dancing different dances in a pastel hue that highlights its cheerful atmosphere.

Get your Kintry ‘Seriously Sedap dan Sihat’ snacks now for a 5% discount on your first order with the code ‘kintrylovesyou’. Free shipping is also available throughout Malaysia for orders over RM75 for West Malaysia and orders over RM 150 for East Malaysia.

Check out the aforementioned brand’s handcrafted homemade snacks available at Kintry’s website.

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