SAXX Underwear Creates VaSAXXtomy Gift List To Shower Men Who Get Caught


Registry launch synchronized with annual college basketball tournament, busiest time of year for vasectomies; basketball legend Carlos Boozer stars in creative content

VANCOUVER, BC, March 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Cutting the nets at the college basketball tournament in March is a centuries-old tradition. But it turns out that the fillets aren’t the only ones cut this time of year. In fact, a recent study showed a 30% increase in vasectomies in the first week of the tournament compared to an average week, as thousands of men strategically plan their recovery to match a weekend of non-stop action on the ground.

To meet the needs of men undergoing a vasectomy, SAXX Underwear has created the world’s first vasectomy registry – a new take on a traditional gift registry that gives men a reason to celebrate their vasectomy as a retirement party for their proms. . SAXX is commonly recommended by urologists after vasectomy due to its patented technology BallPark Pouch™a hammock-shaped compartment built into each undergarment designed to provide chafe-free support below the waistband.

“We’re obsessed with providing men with the most comfortable underwear for their manhood, and comfort is more important than ever when recovering from a vasectomy,” said Wendy Benison, Chairman and CEO, SAXX. “As a challenger brand, we are always looking for disruptive ways to insert SAXX into cultural conversations, so having March being one of the most popular times of year to get a vasectomy offered us the perfect time. to launch the VaSAXXtomy registry. .”

Through the VaSAXXtomy Registry, friends and family can treat the soon-to-be-cut person in their life to SAXX underwear, sweatpants, t-shirts, hoodies and other loungewear so they can recover comfortably. The registry will remain open indefinitely for future vasectomy recipients to take advantage of.

How it works:

  • To visit

  • Click on VaSAXXtomy and enter your information.

  • Select your free premium gift, which is unlocked once a certain dollar amount threshold is reached.

  • Share the link directly with your friends and family.

  • Your loved ones can then purchase SAXX underwear and other clothing such as loungewear to ensure your newly cut balls are as comfortable as possible.

  • You will earn a free ice pack on the first order placed. Later, once an eligible registry is closed, you will receive a premium gift based on the amount of money spent by your friends and family. Gift options include items meant to make recovering on the couch more enjoyable, such as a grip tool, insulated tumbler mug, food delivery gift card, massage gun, virtual reality headset, mini fridge, video doorbell and more.

SAXX underwear is a go-to recommendation from urologists nationwide – just ask Dr. Joshua Gonzaleza board-certified urologist based in Los Angeles.

“When it comes to comfort and support for your balls, it doesn’t get any better than SAXX underwear,” Gonzalez said. “Vasectomy appointments in the week leading up to the tournament are always booked months in advance – and this year is no different. For anyone having a vasectomy at this time of year, take an ice pack, put on a pair of SAXX underwear and you’ll be sorted.”

A new creation for the VaSAXXtomy registry says getting a cut is a gentlemanly thing to do. This shouldn’t be a somber occasion, but rather a time to celebrate your proms for “the life they lived, the life they gave.” the square features a college and pro basketball legend Carlos Boozer as the Gentleman, while the actress Nina Bergman plays the role of the Ball Connoisseur. As an accomplished basketball player and father of three, Boozer – like SAXX – is a proven “ball handler”.

“SAXX is the best underwear I’ve ever worn,” Boozer said. “The BallPark cover is next level. In fact, I’ve never been more comfortable half-naked on camera. Opening a VaSAXXtomy registry should be a no-brainer for any guy planning a vasectomy.”

Produced by Quality Meats, the creation will be streamed online and on social media, as well as broadcast on TV in dallas and Miami.

About SAXX Underwear Co. Ltd.

SAXX has an obsession with manly comfort that is revolutionizing the men’s underwear industry. SAXX underwear keeps men comfortable, confident and ready for action in any situation, thanks in part to their BallPark Pouch™, a patented 3D hammock-shaped pouch that holds everything in place for support without friction. The brand is one of the fastest growing men’s underwear companies in the world. North America and is poised to grow beyond the underwear market as it incorporates its BallPark Pouch™ technology into other categories such as activewear, sleepwear and swimwear. For more information, visit or follow SAXX on social media at @saxxunderwear.

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SAXX Underwear has launched the world’s first VaSAXXtomy gift list – a new take on a traditional gift list that gives men a reason to celebrate their vasectomy.



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