Sarasota Gift Box Company Brings Community Happiness

When small business owners Lisa Grabisch and Ellie Campbell give gifts, they recognize it is a happy and humbling experience.

So the pair started Happy and humble, a gift box service offering high quality natural products in an organized box at the door of your loved one. Boxes are available for a variety of occasions, with free local delivery in the Sarasota area. Between Grabisch’s artistic eye and love for gifts and Campbell’s photography and writing experience, the couple have developed a following on social media and plan to launch Happy & Humble’s. website Wednesday October 21.

The business started in December 2019, when Grabisch registered the business and started working on his Instagram account. In April 2020, Grabisch needed a photographer to take product photos. She asked Campbell, a professional photographerr, and their business partnership and friendship began.

“I was taking pictures for Lisa in April and our kids already knew each other at school,” says Campbell. “We work very well together, are not afraid to be honest and are passionate about spreading joy and sharing the art of giving gifts with others. It was the perfect fit.

Happy & Humble Corporate Holiday Box ($ 100).

The company currently operates through Instagram, with customers directly messaging requests for gift boxes to ship or deliver. Boxes cost from $ 70 to $ 180, for a mini or regular size, with free shipping for orders over $ 100. Products range from spa and personal care items to wellness products, home decor and home decor, kids or dog packages, corporate gifts and, soon to be, special boxes on the holiday theme. Each box is nicely packaged, with a handwritten note and ribbon handmade in Italy.

“We want people to feel special and smile, especially during this time,” Grabisch explains. “We wanted to choose brands that care about customers and the community, and personalize the experience as much as possible.”

Giving back is also important to Grabisch and Campbell, with five percent of the proceeds from each box going to a local charity, such as Pace Center for Girls and animal rescue sites. This not only makes customers feel good about giving a gift, but also supports a charity in need.

Happy & Humble also promotes mindfulness and relaxation, with many products that encourage both. Two of Campbell’s favorite brands are “Interior room, “a puzzle brand that gives back to mindfulness education for schools, and an aromatherapy brand”Happy spritz“, which is on a mission to save one senior dog per week. Other favorites included in the boxes are relaxing teas, candles, essential oil diffusers and body care products.

“Our kids breathe in the Happy Spritz ‘Breathe Deeply’ scent deeply while they are at their home school desks,” says Campbell. “It helps you immerse yourself in the present moment and relax. “

Grabisch and Campbell’s children were also involved in the box conservation process. They recommend products for children’s boxes and offer suggestions of charities to donate to. Some products they have suggested are notebooks, games, positive affirmation cards, water bottles, and fun toys.

“These boxes are more than just a package that you receive in the mail or individual products that you buy online,” explains Grabisch. “It shows that the donor has put in time and effort.”

“Giving gifts doesn’t have to be material goods; it can be about being grateful, ”says Campbell. “If we could feel that more, especially now, I think we would all be happier too.”

Happy & Humble launches its website Wednesday October 21.

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