San Antonio in a box | Vendors prepare a gift box of local finds


Having trouble finding a great gift? By Bluebonnet offers several themed boxes that feature items made by popular local vendors and small businesses at local markets.

SAN ANTONIO – Imagine you need to find a special gift for someone and want to shop locally – but you never need to physically shop at a local market. There’s a new option in Alamo Town where the best of the mom and pop business scene is already curated for you…in a baby blue colored gift box.

It’s called “By Bluebonnet” and it’s the dream that two women from San Antonio have turned into reality. A year ago, Theresa Smith was working as a direct market seller and she met Boglarka Bordas, a macaron baker who owns Rabbit Bakery. The two hit it off immediately.

“We fell in love – through the macaroons,” Smith laughed. “I am a macaron lover. Of course, that was our bond. We just connected from there.

Smith said in the hot sun (and cold weather, too) — she and Bordas have been brainstorming about growing a small business together. They hatched a game plan to create a way to can the best of everything they saw selling to small businesses in San Antonio. This is how “By Bluebonnet” was born.

The idea was to do a lot of leg work (walking, reading, and window shopping) for their customers since they were surrounded by so many unique made-in-San Antonio home businesses.

“We want to capture the community,” Smith said. “We want to showcase all the talent in San Antonio first – there are so many people with creative arts, such talented bakers. There is so much talent there.

They thought of some themes that would hopefully grab the attention of people who might be struggling to find something special for someone.

There is the Cozy Box which contains Tea from Oli Tea, Honey Candies from Bee Sweet’ology and a Relaxing Candle from Byccombe.

The thank you box is described as “the perfect sample of a bit of everything”. Inside you will find a Freshy (an air freshener) from Yesie’s Freshies, a colorful Candy Kebob from Mason’s Candy, a bag of Minutiae Coffee and a Chamoy/Mini Tajin Combo keychain from Oh So Spicy.

The Beauty Box contains skincare items like Mama Mint Lip Scrub from Honeydipped Co., Honey Soap from Carmel Soap Co., Pink Peony Body Butter from Mekumi, and a hand-sewn hair scrunchie from Encantada.

And for those looking for a pure and simple Texas theme, there’s the Cowboy Box. You’ll get two Texas Leather Coasters from Broken Ax Leather Co., Rosemary Almonds from Doubleside Toffee, Gentleman Soap from Carmel Soap Co., and this fun little Chamoy Keychain from Oh So Spicy which is also in other boxes because, as Smith says, it’s always good to have on hand to add fruit or whatever else you eat on the go, as many San Antonians know.

“We want to be able to bring these products to your doorstep,” Smith said.

She added that every purchase directly gives back to the community and supports families.

“When you fall in love with their product, we encourage you to buy it back outright,” Smith said. “It helps our communities grow. 68% of money spent on small businesses stays in the community. That means a mom, a teacher, a veteran, an artist, a neighbor can pass that dollar on to another local business. Together we can help San Antonio thrive.

Each box contains approximately five items, which are constantly chosen as Smith and Bordas uncover new finds.

The price of the boxes ranges from $35 to $50. To find out more, visit By Bluebonnet website or consult their Instagram page as they continue to expand their box varieties. Their plan is to cover all ages from babies up – so they’re always on the lookout for new suppliers to turn to.

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