Running out of time for your Christmas shopping? Consider these gift ideas

There are less than two days until Christmas Day. If you’ve found yourself inundated with things to do other than picking gifts for family and friends and wondering what you could possibly get at the last minute, The Daily Telegram is here for you.

Our staff brainstormed a few last minute gift ideas and came up with these suggestions:

Buy local

Shopping at local businesses can be a great way to donate money back to the community while stocking up on those last minute gift items. These gifts are always something special, from collectibles and novelties to cheese, candy and clothing.

Just stroll through downtown Tecumseh or Adrian, Blissfield or Hudson, Morenci or Clinton and gift ideas will pour in. It’s a great way to find something extra special for that extra special someone when you are all strapped for ideas and time.

Cards and cash

Gift cards and gas cards are something anyone can use. Just make sure you don’t give a gas card to someone who has an electric vehicle, or buy a gift card from a store or restaurant that you know the gift recipient will never visit. Try to focus on a positive shopping or dining experience that the gift recipient has shared with you in person or by word of mouth.

FILE - The gift cards are on sale Nov. 30 at a retail store in Glenview, Ill..

When in doubt, cash or a Visa gift card that works like cash is always a great idea. Who can’t use a little extra pocket money? This ensures that the recipient of the gift always gets what they want or need. They just have to do a little footwork to do it. But it’s much better than getting a gift that they’ll return or give back.

Buy wholesale and give multiple gifts

You can also buy bulk items like candy, nuts, and popcorn from your local Sam’s Club or Costco and Ball jars from Target or Walmart. You can mix and match the items and put them in the Ball Jars and just tap on a bow and, bam !, you’re good to go. If you want to make a gift basket, you can get a basket from Target or Walmart and just fill the jars so that there are several varieties to choose from.

Gift of the month

OK, so if you’re hoping to use a big end-of-year bonus to set up a pool and instead receive a gift-of-the-month club membership, this might not be welcome. But for others, it could be, as Cousin Eddie puts it in “Christmas Vacation”, “the gift that continues to be given all year round.”

A gift of the month subscription could really be the gift that keeps giving all year round.

There are so many options. A quick search online revealed options for Snack, Mustard, Olive, Soup, Pickle, Soup and, yes, Jelly of the Month clubs. There are beer, wine and cheese clubs. Looking for something less edible? How about socks, cosmetics or books. There are all kinds of options available online.

Support local journalism

Speaking of subscription, how about offering local news? We hear that the local newspapers are full of information about what’s going on in local and state government, what’s going on in local entertainment, and the performance of high school and college sports teams. There are also comics and jigsaw puzzles, and the ads highlight companies’ offerings for their goods and services.

Want the news but not the newspaper? There are subscriptions for only those online features that provide access to a website that offers an archive of ancient stories, interactive features to help understand current events, and even more entertainment to occupy free time.

I just thought we were going to throw this out there.

Donate to an association

Making a donation is a particularly good idea for someone who doesn’t want “stuff”. Most non-profit organizations have websites that facilitate financial contribution. Find a cause you know the gift recipient would like, go to their website, find the donate button or link, enter your PayPal or credit card information, and you’ve helped a great cause. Then print the receipt, stick it in a card or envelope and you have your gift. Save the card and envelope and take a screenshot of the receipt and text it to your friend or relative on Christmas day.

Many local nonprofits make it easy to donate online.

Another option that many nonprofits now have is an Amazon Wish List. This too is usually linked to their websites. Click on the link, choose what you want from the list and complete the purchase. Amazon will ship the items to the association, and in a few days they will have supplies they can use.

Donate your time

It could also be at a non-profit, but we’re thinking more about the offer to help someone at some point in the coming year. For example, offer to have someone mow the lawn or help them with a home improvement project that you know they want to do. Take someone who can’t move very well on their own for a day or evening to do something they don’t get the chance to do very often.

It is also a good thing for children. They might offer “coupons” that the recipient can redeem for help around the house or to spend time with mom or dad doing something the child might find boring but really isn’t.

Say it with flowers

While Christmas is a time of sparkling lights and colorful decorations, in Michigan the weather at this time of year can be a bit drab, and there’s nothing like a bunch of flowers to brighten up. a gray winter day. While local florists can be busy at this time, places like grocery stores often have cut flowers or even potted plants.

Bouquets of flowers are pictured in a grocery store.

And there are other options for the flowers. Cookies and other sweets can be presented as a bouquet, and many stores, especially specialty stores, have pre-made gift bags and baskets.

Scratch and win

Are you very late or working irregular hours and most stores are not open? Gas stations and convenience stores that stay open late usually sell lottery tickets. Of course, the odds of winning a big jackpot aren’t great, but make sure the recipient is willing to split the big jackpots, just in case.

Lottery tickets are a great last minute gift idea or stocking stuffer.

Lottery tickets also make great stocking stuffers.

Fruit cake

Fruit cake is looked down upon by many people, but when prepared properly, it’s a holiday treat. Check out Busch for their fruit cake.

This November 16, 2010 photo shows a chocolate fruit cake in Concord, New Hampshire.

What is a fruit cake, you ask? It is a cake made from candied or dried fruits, nuts and spices. Sometimes it is soaked in rum or some other alcohol. Many families have fruit cake recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation.

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