Return of the gift box

Take-out dressing

Ready for a wardrobe refresh, but not ready for in-store shopping? Enter: Trend by Evereve. After completing a personal style survey, your stylist will scour the store for your wardrobe competitors (they’ll even add a few extras just because). All you have to do is wait for the box to ship, try it on at home, and choose which items to like and return.

The perfect fit

Over 80% of customers buy one of the first three suits they try on, so the proof was in the swimwear pudding shop Nani Nalu. The brand created Suitcase, an organized style box and remote fit service that allows customers to shop at home and access virtual style help.

Offer with ease

Last spring, Minnetonka General Store created personalized boxes for Mother’s Day to connect customers with their loved ones remotely. It was a resounding success and the store added a permanent loot box feature to its site. Choose from a variety of themes and leave curation to the pros.

Madeline Nachbar

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November 4, 2020


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