Rakhi Sawant shares video unwrapping a fan’s gift box and says “I love it so much”

On March 3, 2021, Rakhi Sawant posted a video in which the actor could be seen enthusiastically unwrapping a gift given to him by a fan. Watching the video, she was apparently grateful for the gesture made to her and she then thanked her fan profusely. In the clip, she started by pointing at the box on her bed and saying it was something given to her by a fan. As she cut the wrapping she excitedly showed her name on it, indicating her joy at receiving the gift.

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Rakhi Sawant reacts to a gift from a fan

Rakhi Sawant’s video also sees her find a card accompanying the gift and she chose to read it to her fans. The card featured the words “best compliments” as well as the name of the fan who sent him the gift. After reading the card, she thanked her fan for the gift, saying, “Thank you Dinesh!”.

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Rakhi Sawant seemed very excited about her gift and she tried to guess what was in it. She said the box was very heavy and that she was even more intrigued by what was in it. When she finally opened the box, she saw that it was actually a fruit basket which apparently added even more to her joy. She let out a cry of joy when she saw the variety of fruits in the box. “Principal sab khaungi. Yeh dekho avocado, apple, grape. Main gym abhi se aayi hoon aur main yeh sab abhi khaungi. I love it. ”(I’m going to eat them all. Look here, we have apples, avocados and grapes. I just got home from the gym after a workout and now I’m going to eat all of these fruits. love it).

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The video shows Rakhi wearing a gym outfit. She can be seen wearing a black t-shirt with colorful graphics and she paired it with a pair of pink shorts. Her hair is pulled back into a bun and she doesn’t have any makeup in the video.

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