Plants to pamper baskets – 10 Rakhi gift ideas that will make your sister smile

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Raksha Bandhan 2022 will be celebrated on Thursday 11th August. So you still have some time to choose gifts from our wide range of suggestions.

Raksha Bandhan is just days away and stores and online platforms are seeing a mad rush of last-minute shoppers picking out the perfect gift for their sisters. Rakhi will be celebrated on August 11, so if you’re still thinking about what to buy, here are some gift ideas you can explore.

Here are 10 unique gift ideas that can make Raksha Bandhan more special:

A personalized and thoughtful gift, such as a photo frame, pillow, portrait, etc., will make your sister feel special because it will be something that has been specially created for her.

One of the best gifts you could give your sister would be something that would take care of her financially in the long run. There are several financial products such as FD account, mutual fund investment, gold ETF, etc. This kind of gift will to some extent secure your sister’s future.

A handmade gift is always preferred as it reflects the thought, time and effort you put into it. Cards, poems, paintings or portraits or any handmade gift is equally special.

4. Personalized video message from a celebrity

Talking to her favorite celebrity could be a dream come true for your sister. Websites such as provides such facility to people where they can connect with their favorite celebrities through personalized video message.

If your sister has been slacking off on her health due to a busy schedule, now might be the perfect time to gift her a gym membership, a fitness gadget, a bike, or maybe… be running shoes to help motivate him. You can also get her some home workout equipment so she can start training right away.

If you’re too confused about freebies, the safest bet would be to give her an e-voucher. With an e-voucher, she has the freedom to choose her own gift.

Some amazing gadgets that can be a great gift for your sister include headphones, smart watches, smart glasses, tablets, and speakers.

Gifting a collection of books by her favorite authors to a sister (who likes to read) would be a great idea. But you should be up to date with his reading tastes or choose from a suggested list of fiction/non-fiction.

You can create a treat basket by selecting your sister’s favorite chocolates, skin care products, aromatic products, cosmetics, etc. This personalized gift basket would surely bring a smile to her face.

If your sister has a green thumb or loves being in nature, giving her a live plant would be the perfect thing to do. Live plants are affordable, meaningful and a very relevant gift idea for sure.

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