New Jersey Man Wants His $4.54 Back On His Dunk Gift Card, So He’s Suing For At Least $5 Million, Like We Do

A New Jersey man who says he wants the balance of the remaining value of his Dunkin’ Donuts gift card has filed what he hopes will be a class action lawsuit against the take-out coffee giant because he claims the company won’t give him his fucking money.

Daniel Crooks, of Manchester, NH, says it’s a violation of consumer protection laws in several states, including New Jersey and Massachusetts. filed its suit in the U.S. District Court in Boston because Dunkin’ Brands is headquartered in Canton and because “a substantial portion of the events that gave rise to this cause of action occurred here”, although that he does not specify whether it is because he made frequent stops at Turnpike Dunk’s while traveling here, so many Massachusetts residents are Dunkaphilic or for some other reason.

Crooks said he bought a gift card for himself in March last year and was pretty upset when he tried to get the remaining $4.54 on the card refunded, but that he had been rebuffed.

The Defendants unjustly enriched themselves by retaining income from the Plaintiff’s and Class Members’ gift card balances. The withholding of these funds in these circumstances is unfair and inequitable because the defendants have failed to disclose that their gift card balances were non-refundable despite explicit terms stating that the balances were refundable under certain conditions.

Crooks is represented by two law firms, one a New York firm that claims to have represented half of all Americans in various class action lawsuits.

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