Ms. Hinch reveals an easy DIY Christmas gift box hack

IF YOU are looking to save some cash this Christmas but still want some nice gifts for loved ones, Mrs. Hinch has got you covered.

Ms. Hinch is best known for her cleaning tips and tricks which she shares with her Instagram followers, but this week she revealed a festive hack that makes the perfect gift.


Ms Hinch shared her latest Christmas hack on Instagram and it looks awesomeCredit: mrshinchhome / Instagram

Sophie Hinchliffe, 31, has 4.2 million Instagram followers and often shares her DIY projects with them.

And with the holiday season approaching, Sophie has shown off her latest creative work – and it’ll set you back under £ 4 if you’re in the mood for a try.

The mom of two decided to decorate plain brown gift boxes for the Christmas season that can be used for decoration or for handing out presents.

So if you’re sick of handing out Christmas presents in boring gift bags and want something a little more personal, this is the one for you.

And don’t worry if you’re not the best artist, if you follow Ms. Hinch’s guide yours will look great too.

Post for her Instagram stories, she showed herself drawing on the boxes with a white chalk pen.

Sophie said, “Good evening everyone, 10pm and I’m just sitting here with my chalk pen and gift boxes.

“So I bought some inexpensive gift boxes online and a chalk pen.

“And I decided to doodle and do my own little drawings.

“Perfect way to disconnect.

“I now have unique gift sets for my family and friends. “

Mrs Hinch drew beautiful designs on a simple box and it was beautiful


Mrs Hinch drew beautiful designs on a simple box and it was beautifulCredit: mrshinchhome / Instagram

In the video, we see Sophie drawing beautiful designs on the box – she drew a village scene with houses and Christmas trees.

Her designs are simple but are gorgeous – they look so professional you’d never know it was a DIY job.


If you fancy a try, you can buy a white chalk pen for just £ 1.50 and simple gift boxes for £ 1.79 at Creative hobbies.

Sophie’s Quick Hack costs just £ 3.29 in total and would make a cute Christmas gift box.

What a great Christmas tip!

Sophie's quick hack costs just £ 3.29 and would make a cute Christmas gift box


Sophie’s quick hack costs just £ 3.29 and would make a cute Christmas gift boxCredit: mrshinchhome / Instagram

Meanwhile, Ms Hinch is adding glamorous new pieces to her Tesco collection – there are clothes and home items and prices start from just £ 5.

On top of that, a woman is sharing an awesome tip for cutting wrapping paper this Christmas and you DON’T need scissors.

Plus, the Christmas ‘wreath’ hack is perfect for lazy girls and it will make your front door look amazing.

I swear by £ 1 of dental floss to hang Christmas decorations – it’s incredibly strong and practically invisible

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