Ms. Brinker offers gift ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week

WTHR education expert Jennifer Brinker of Greenwood Middle School breaks down some of the best gifts for educators at any cost.

GREENWOOD, Ind. – This week is designated Teacher Appreciation Week, and what better way to thank your child’s teacher than with a gift?

WTHR education expert Jennifer Brinker of Greenwood Middle School breaks down some of the best gifts to give your educators to thank them for their hard work this school year.

Matthew Fultz – WTHR: Let’s break things down by price. What would a teacher like that would cost little or no money?

Ms Brinker: Well, the good news is that you can show your appreciation without spending a penny. Teachers didn’t go into this job for the money, they went into this job to make a difference. Knowing that you have had a positive impact on a student and that you are appreciated is amazing. A handwritten note of gratitude or about what they appreciate about their teacher’s class would be an amazing gift. A drawing or picture that a student could draw would certainly brighten a teacher’s day as well. If you’re looking for an inexpensive treat, the school office is a great resource to tap into to find out what the teacher’s favorite snack or drink is. A well-timed candy bar or soda may seem priceless, but will only cost you a buck or two. The main idea is simply to recognize and celebrate the work the teacher has poured into your child this year.

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Matthew Fultz – WTHR: What about parents who might want to get something at an average price?

Ms Brinker: Gift cards are always a great option. I know the teachers I work with are big fans of Target, Amazon, fast food or coffee shop gift cards. Coffeehouse 5 here in Greenwood and Franklin have been so kind and donated items to our teachers so I want to commend them. Gift cards can be great options that won’t break the bank, and you can choose the dollar amount you want to load onto the card. I would also suggest beautiful indoor plants or flower baskets as spring approaches.

Matthew Fultz – WTHR: What about someone who wants the “wow factor?” What should they buy?

Ms Brinker: You mentioned earlier, Matthew, it’s been a tough year and it would be great to be offered a spa service. I know The Art of Healing and Brian Leslie fairs have been generous to my school, so I want to congratulate them. They have all kinds of services available. You can prepay a massage, a treatment, a pedicure. You name it. Check out some of these websites and see what types of promotions they offer. I know that an experience, like a day at Top Golf, would be ideal for some of the men I work with. You can purchase an Indy Racing Experience pass near 500. For teachers with young children, a family pass to the zoo could also be a really fun gift to give. It’s essential to find out what your child’s teacher likes and try to personalize those experiences for them.

Matthew Fultz – WTHR: Some gifts to avoid?

Ms Brinker: I’ll be honest, in a time when schools have more on our plates than ever, we would appreciate any act of kindness or appreciation. I would advise against home baked goods as many people have special diets or food allergies. I would avoid school supplies unless you know your child’s teacher has a very specific supply that they enjoy because it may not be something your child’s teacher needs to his room. But, as I said before, all the words of kindness and encouragement will help us recharge our batteries for this very busy last month of school and we are incredibly grateful!

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