Lunar New Year 2022 gift ideas

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Nona Lim
The Nona Lim brand offers fresh Asian comfort food such as bone broths, soups, ramen and rice noodles, noodle bowls and stir-fry noodle kits. All products are non-GMO, dairy-free, and primarily gluten-free, MSG-free, and preservative-free. Our products have won numerous consumer and industry awards for our Clean Label ingredients as well as their flavor and taste. #EastMeetsBest #AllFlavorNoCrap #FreshIsBest

We’re an inclusive eyewear brand celebrating the beauty of diverse face shapes through handcrafted eyewear since 2015. Our signature Elevated Fit® features a unique design to best complement low nose bridges and high cheekbones for a perfect fit. comfortable.

At Neuro, we understand the mental game and how it is played. That’s why we create products to help you shift your mindset with ease and fluidity. Our refreshing gummies and mints are shortcuts to the perfect state of mind, providing just the right amount of what you need to energize, calm and focus your mind in the moment. Whatever you do in life, it all starts with the mind. Neuro is in your pocket and in your corner so you can feel better and do more.

Fly by Jing
Where heavy flavors meet 100% real ingredients. Fly By Jing is China’s first premium food company bringing carefully crafted pantry staples to the modern kitchen. Developed by Jing Gao, a renowned chef, entrepreneur and expert in Chinese cuisine, we are on a mission to bring uncensored Chinese flavors to the table.

Sanzo is the first Asian-inspired sparkling water born to deliver beverages that bridge the gap between the beloved Asian flavors that make up over 60% of the world’s population and clean, modern labels. Each box of Sanzo is made with real fruit and no added sugar, artificial or natural flavors – a complex yet refreshing antidote to the sugary, preservative-rich labels of older Asian and American brands. Currently offering sparkling water flavored with calamansi, lychee and mango, Sanzo represents an invitation to traditional Asian culture and pop – a true extension of the ubiquitous influence the region continues to have globally. . Launched in 2019 by Sandro Roco, a Filipino-American born in Queens, on a mission to bring together the best Eastern and Western cultures.

Rooted in the ancient wisdom of Eastern holistic healing, The Qi is a wellness brand whose mission is to empower you to feel more joy, beauty and inner calm during those busy days through the power of healing rituals. whole flower tea. We specialize in the highest quality organic whole flower teas sourced directly from small family farms in Asia.

Duck Duck Books
Duck Duck Books is a Certified Minority-Owned Children’s Book Publisher. Founded in 2021, Duck Duck Books creates enduring products that inspire a diverse worldview, cultivate emotional intelligence, and introduce multilingual learning for 0-5 year olds.

Duck Duck Books offers premium hardback books with cross-cultural themes while highlighting diverse characters that children can relate to. Each board book is 100% created by Americans of Color and printed with vegetable-based ink on responsibly sourced papers. The books are available in English, bilingual Spanish, and bilingual Chinese, with more languages ​​coming out in 2022.

Tochi Snacks
Tochi offers delicious, functional and sustainably sourced snacks inspired by the dynamic cuisines of Asia. We pay homage to the flavors we grew up with and craft them with natural ingredients to fit our health-conscious lifestyles. We first launched in 2019 with only the Singapore Salted Egg flavor range and are now expanding with a variety of new flavors later this year. Our mission is to elevate the existing narrative around Asian flavors and proudly represent our culture in the growing natural snack category!

Dagne Dover
Dagne Dover creates problem solving bags. Bags that track, stay organized and look great. Founded by three women, Dagne Dover embodies fluidity, functionality and good design. Goodbye chaos, #hellodagne.

Glow Recipe
Glow Recipe creates clean, fruity, clinically effective skincare for glowing skin. Co-founded by Sarah Lee and Christine Chang, the vegan, cruelty-free, Korean beauty-inspired skincare line combines antioxidant-rich fruits with gentle yet potent actives to treat your skin to its changing daily needs. Glow Recipe embraces real skin and is here to help you achieve your healthiest skin yet.

Health-Ade creates wellness fizzy drinks with a focus on gut health that inspire people to follow their gut! The brand was founded in 2012 at the Los Angeles Farmer’s Market with its flagship product, Health-Ade Kombucha, by husband and wife Justin and Daina Trout, and best friend Vanessa Dew.

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