Karwa Chauth 2022: Gift Ideas and Ways to Make Karwa Chauth Special for Your Wife


Karwa Chauth is considered one of the most auspicious days in Hindu culture. Karwa Chauth 2022 will be observed on October 13, 2022, and everyone is preparing to make the festival as beautiful as possible. It’s the day to celebrate the unbreakable bond between a husband and wife. On Karwa Chauth, women observe a fast for their husbands from sunrise to moonrise for longevity. Women look forward to celebrating this holiday with great enthusiasm and pray for the long life of their husbands. Married women who observe this fast do not even take a sip of water until they see the moon. Husbands, in return, promise their wives to be with them through thick and thin and to support them always. Nowadays, even men have started observing fasts with their wives. So, if you want to make this Karwa Chauth special for your spouse, here are some tips to make him smile and feel pampered during this festival. While it’s always possible to give a gift to your husband/wife, there are also other ways to make the day memorable for your loved one.

Simple ideas to make Karwa Chauth special for your better half

1. Wish her a beautiful quote in the morning

Everyone loves receiving compliments and hearing love quotes from their loved one, so when your wife wakes up early in the morning to “sargi”, wake up with her and tell her how much you love her. You can even wish her a beautiful Karwa Chauth quote or write a love quote for her and read it to her so that her day starts with love and positivity. If she likes surprises, you can jot down your feelings for her on a piece of paper and put it somewhere you’re sure she’ll notice in the morning. When she reads it, she will definitely feel thrilled.

2. Give her a break from chores

Karwa Chauth is not an easy fast to observe, it is common to feel sluggish on this day, so it will be no less than an amazing surprise to let her enjoy her day while you take care of daily chores . So let her rest and you do the rest and take care of the household responsibilities for that day. Nothing can make her feel more special than that, plus try to help her with household chores once in a while.

3. Spend quality time together

This is the day a husband and wife should be together, so if possible plan a whole day together. You can take her to the movies or shopping and fill her day with surprises. Or, if you want to be home, you can do whatever makes you both happy. Watch a movie together, cuddle with her, and add some romance to the day. Even if you have to go to work on Karwa Chauth, or if you are in a long-distance relationship, you can make this day as bright as the sun with regular video calls, or by surprising her with a nice Karwa Chauth gift.

4. Decorate the house for her

Set the mood by decorating the house with her favorite flowers to tell her how much she means to you.

5. Treat her to surprises throughout the day

Everyone loves surprises, so instead of giving all the presents at once, you can give them something at regular intervals. One of the easiest ways to make Karwa Chauth special for your loved one is to surprise your spouse with sweet handwritten notes or greeting cards. You can hide them in places she can find easily. When she reads these notes, she will surely blush and feel happy.

6. Invite family and friends

To make his day filled with joy and laughter, you can invite his friends and family members to Karwa Chauth. Seeing them will make her day and bring a sweet smile to her face. It’s a really sweet gesture and she will feel blessed to have you as her life partner.

Invite your family and friends to surprise your wife on Karwa Chauth and make her feel loved

7. Help her get ready

Karwa Chauth is the day when everyone wants to look lovely. You can help her do a facial at home a day before Karwa Chauth, and also help her do her hair, drape a saree and do her makeup to make her feel happy.

8. Throw a surprise party

To add excitement to this auspicious day, you can plan a surprise Karwa Chauth party. You can call her friends and have a house party or arrange a romantic dinner with her. Be sure to order cuisines from his favorite restaurant, you can also order a delicious cake for Karwa Chauth.

9. Cook him dinner

Nothing can make a wife’s day better than having a meal prepared by her husband. So if you don’t want to go out and relax at home, you can surprise her by cooking a lavish dinner yourself at home. If you are new to cooking, you can get help or watch Youtube tutorials to prepare the dishes.

10. Keep Karwa Chauth fast with her

You can observe Karwa Chauth fasting with her and praying for a happy and prosperous life together. It will tell her how much you care about her and how much you love her.

These are some of the simple and cute ways to make Karwa Chauth special for your spouse. But this day is incomplete without a gift, so here are some Karwa Chauth gift ideas.

Karwa Chauth gifts for women

Karwa Chauth 2022 gift ideas for spouse

1. Saree

Most women like to wear traditional clothes on Karwa Chauth, so you can give her a beautiful saree. If your wife does not wear a sari, you can offer her other clothes in her image.

2. Chocolate Basket

Add some sweetness to this auspicious occasion by giving her a lovely chocolate basket.

3. Personalized gift items

These days, personalized gift items such as personalized mugs, personalized pens, and personalized throw pillows are in high demand. They add a personal touch to the item and hence are one of the best gifts to give to your spouse on this day.

4. Books

Is your wife an avid reader? If yes, you can give her a book as a gift in Karwa Chauth and make her day more special.

5. Cosmetic and Spa Gift Set

If your wife loves makeup and/or aromatherapy, then a set of makeup accessories and spa items would be an ideal gift choice for her. You can easily get it from nearby beauty/cosmetic store or e-commerce website.

6. Perfume

This Karwa Chauth, how about gifting her a bottle of a pleasant aroma that will make her feel like a diva? Give her a good scent and bring a smile to her face.

Offer a perfume to your spouse on Karwa Chauth

7. Wristwatch

If your wife likes to wear a wristwatch, you can gift her one.

8. Personalized Jewelry

One of the most unique gifts for Karwa Chauth is personalized jewelry. You can give her a heart pendant, a necklace with her initials, or a double name pendant. You can even give her a personalized ring with her name and initials on it. It can be a nice gift for your wife that will make her heart leap with joy and make Karwa Chauth special for her.

9. Plants

Does your wife like plants? If so, you can give her a set of plants as a gift, because it is a classic and meaningful gift. They continue to grow and provide beauty and greenery for many years to come, so this is an ideal gift for someone who loves to garden.

10. Decorative object

On that day, you can even offer him a beautiful decorative object such as a lamp, a painting, candle holders, etc.

11. Handbag

You can add beauty to the day by gifting your wife with a beautiful handbag or clutch.

12. Electronic Accessories

Does your wife like to groove to music? If yes, you can give her some nice headphones, headphones, Bluetooth speaker, etc., and a bouquet and a basket of chocolates as a gift for Karwa Chauth.

Karwa Chauth is a very special day for everyone so plan a nice surprise to make Karwa Chauth special for your spouse so that he can never forget it.

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