iTWire – Huawei brings Father’s Day gift ideas to the sports dad

Father’s Day in Australia is approaching on Sunday, September 4, 2022. Are you stuck wondering what to get the dad in your life? Or maybe you’re the dad, in a rush to come up with an idea for a gift list and struggling to find inspiration. Well, Huawei is offering dad-tastic discounts on its wearables, audio and PC products this Father’s Day – and the deals are live now, until September 4, 2022.

Huawei, of course, has great Android smartphones, laptops, and other devices, but when it comes to health and fitness, you really should check out the Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro and Huawei Watch D.

If the dad in your life is keen on measuring all of his body metrics when he plays sports, exercises, and pushes himself to peak performance – or maybe you’re trying to imply that he needs to better take care of it – you can’t go wrong with these.

Huawei research indicates that 40% of Australians value their health more than before COVID 19, although 72.8% of Australians over the age of 15 do not meet the Australian government’s health guidelines. physical activity. In fact, almost half of employed people aged 18 to 64 describe their working day as mostly sitting.

This is where a great watch can pay huge dividends well beyond the time; it can motivate and inspire you to move more. The old adage that “what gets measured gets better” applies to your health as well as your business KPIs. Many dads may not even know how many steps they take in a day, or how few they take, and having those metrics handy may be the missing ingredient to a more active lifestyle.

The Huawei Watch D is an innovative smartwatch with health-focused features, including blood pressure measurement capabilities, and its price has been reduced from $799 to $499 for Father’s Day.

Meanwhile, the sleek and sophisticated Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro sets a new standard for high-end and professional smartwatches and has been massively reduced from $899 to $599 for Father’s Day.

Huawei has other discounts like the FreeBuds Pro headphones, from $329 to $149.90, and the MateBook 14 from $1,799 to an incredible $1,099.

iTWire reviewed the MateBook 14 in the past and also tried the Watch GT 3 Pro, Watch Fit 2 and Watch D on our own. They’re all spectacular devices that tell the time, measure your fitness, and provide notifications. They all work with Android and iPhones, so there’s no worry about ecosystem compatibility.

Where they differ is in form and purpose: the Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro is a sleek and fashionable smartwatch with a titanium body and sapphire crystal. It offers all-day health management and 14-day battery life between charges, while the Watch D comes in a more conventional fitness tracker form – it’s still a watch, sure, but focuses on providing health metrics such as steps and blood pressure and exercise. In fact, if you’re worried about dad’s health, the Watch D is an innovative wrist-style blood pressure monitor. It includes 70 workout modes and offers daily health check tasks to make healthy living even easier. Meanwhile, the Watch Fit 2 offers a range of super colorful bands and color combinations along with 10 days of battery life, workout animations and SpO2 monitoring.

They’re great devices for tracking your health, but the king of them is the Watch GT 3 Pro, which comes with all sorts of added goodies like changing your watch face to suit your style, has over 100 personalized workouts and is also designed for the sporty dad and outdoor adventurer. It is rated IP68 – which is a high level of ingress protection, with the first number being solids and the second being water. This means it’s built to resist dust and dirt and is solidly waterproof for shallow water activities, has five ATM water resistance ratings and even takes supports free dive mode up to 30 meters deep. It should not be used in hot showers, springs or saunas or for scuba diving.

With the enormous battery life, the devices can also help measure and optimize sleep! Dad sleeps well? Maybe not, and with the numbers, he can act to improve it, which leads to a better quality of life. Or maybe he provides the numbers to help you get dad to see the doctor, right?

iTWire found the Huawei watch range to be fantastic devices; the Watch GT 3 Pro is an amazing smartwatch with lots of style, customization and a huge library of sports modes to capture every step, every golf swing, every dive… while the Watch D offers more discreet sound, but lower cost, range of customization but keeps blood pressure under control, and the Watch Fit 2 offers an affordable and colorful option that still delivers key metrics.

Both Huawei Watch options are available at Amazon, Mobileciti, Bing Lee, Center Com, and Huawei Authorized Experience Stores. Huawei also offers other models, including the Huawei Band 7 with comprehensive health monitoring for sleep, stress, and more.

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