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There are people for whom it is really difficult to buy holiday gifts. It can be difficult to choose gifts for the extended family, especially if you don’t want to spend a fortune on a house of five first cousins ​​who never even send a card, and buy gifts for work acquaintances and friends. casual friends can also be difficult. . Then there are the people who insist that they don’t need “stuff” anymore, but who, you know, are still waiting for a gift. Ina Garten has the most elegant and delicious solution – treat them to a can of sunny, juicy California citrus.

Oranges are actually a traditional holiday treat. They were once a rarity in the Northern Hemisphere, so eating something this far away on Christmas was really special (as was eating something so fresh and juicy in December).

These days, a crate of beautiful California oranges is always a fresh and delicious gift, and an especially sweet gift for those for whom you can’t think of a gift idea. Garten got his box of navel and cara cara oranges from The sisters’ market, a citrus farm owned and operated by a sister.

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Courtesy of The Sisters Market.

There are other options if you are looking for more variety. Florida-based Hale Groves offers navel orange and grapefruit combos, for the perfect blend of sweet and tangy.

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Courtesy of Hale Groves.

Hale Groves Navel Oranges & Ruby Red Grapefruit, 4 lb

$ 27.99

Buy now


If you like the idea of ​​sending fresh fruit as a gift but want a juicy, citrus alternative Christmas pears are always another option. These are nothing like the sad pears you find in the grocery store – they’re sweet, juicy, and perfect for snacking and sharing.

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Courtesy of Harry and David.

We’re too tired to bake any more cookies, and trying to come up with new gift ideas for the remaining 30 people we have to shop for is exhausting. Thanks to Ina Garten, we are inspired to send the gift of fresh fruit that can be enjoyed by entire households and offices.

Before you go, check out these holiday gift ideas approved by Ina Garten:

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