Hereford launches citywide gift card


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Hereford’s oldest department store, a new houseplant business and a continental bar are three of the companies celebrating the launch of a new city-wide gift card program.

The Hereford Gift Card is a local gift card that can be spent at over 100 businesses across the city and is the first such program in Herefordshire.

Established in Hereford in 1845, the Philip Morris family-owned department store is one of the companies that will accept the new Hereford gift card.

Managing partner John Jones runs the Widemarsh Street store with his brother Bruce.

He said: “175 years since we opened Philip Morris as a hardware store, and we are proud to be one of Hereford’s oldest businesses. Online is a big part of our business and we have been able to move many employees to online operations during store closings, but we remain fully engaged on Main Street; it’s who we are and what we do. The signs of recovery in Hereford are very encouraging, especially compared to other cities, and with the Hereford Gift Card we can build on that.

“It makes perfect sense for us to have our own Hereford gift card. Anything that encourages people to think local and buy local should be encouraged. Philip Morris has their own gift card, but the Hereford gift card is universal for the city and has a wider appeal. I strongly believe in what can be achieved if we work together. By working together, we can create a better customer experience and grow collectively. It makes a huge difference when people buy locally. If all the money that was spent outside Hereford was spent in the city, it would transform Hereford. “

Hereford Gift Cards can be purchased from £ 5 to £ 500 and spent as a debit card with Hereford businesses including Printer + Tailor, La Madeleine, Fodder Organic Whole Food Shop, Church Street Cafe Rocket, Jeweler CV Osborne, Timothy Hawkins Gallery and The Coffee Cart Company.

Hereford’s new business, Löv Leaf, a shop dedicated to houseplants is also accepting the new Hereford gift card.

Owner Steph Sparks said: “I think the Hereford Gift Card is a great idea. If you buy someone a gift and don’t know what to get them, you can get a Hereford gift card and they have so many options. A Hereford Gift Card is a window into the whole of Hereford and will help people discover new businesses. Customers receive personalized service when they enter the store and lifelong advice. Rather than each store having their own gift card, it makes sense that we all work together to create a fantastic gift card for Hereford.

In addition to retail businesses, leisure, service and hospitality businesses are part of the Hereford gift card.

Gary Waring is the owner of the popular Hereford Left Bank venue.

He said: “The Left Bank is similar to a French continental bar, it’s a place where people meet and socialize over a drink. When we were closed due to covid we set up seating for over 500 people and that helped us weather the storm. We also stopped taking cash during the pandemic, so the Hereford gift card will be another way to pay. I think it will succeed. “

Hereford Business Improvement District is the originator of the new Hereford Gift Card, and all Hereford BID businesses can join the Hereford Gift Card for free.

The Hereford Gift Card is part of the award-winning Town and City gift card concept from payment provider Miconex, and is the first such program in Herefordshire.

The Hereford Gift Card is a Prepaid Mastercard and can be purchased now, online or at the St Owen Street Tourist Information Center.

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