Great Gift Ideas Showing Dad He’s Simply The Best

Ross & Ross offers a superb barbecue <a class=gift set for Father’s Day” src=”/” srcset=”/ 320w, / 640w, / 990w” data-hero=”” fetchpriority=”high”/>
Ross & Ross offers a superb barbecue gift set for Father’s Day

Special offers for Father’s Day, simply

From foodies to fitness enthusiasts, deserving dads everywhere can all be treated

Are you stuck for that extra special gift to put a smile on dad’s face on Father’s Day?

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Here we have some ideas that can help you choose.

From delicious mail-order pies to deluxe food baskets, Mad O’Rourke’s Pie Factory might have just the gift for you.

Cook up a storm with a delicious 44-food pack. Whether your dad is the BBQ king or has a sweet tooth, there’s something for everyone.

Lovely breakfast packets

Launched in January 2021, 44 Foods is a collective of farmers and food producers passionate about sustainable, ethically produced and fairly priced food. 44 make food packets (so breakfast in bed packets, recipe packets or treat packets for dad). Visit to learn more.

O’Rourkes makes the most appetizing pies that dad can enjoy. For Mad O’Rourkes pie Factory, visit

Give away a batch of mouth-watering pies from Mad O’Rourke’s for Father’s Day

Keep dads fit

For the fitness-loving dad, Core Balance’s new range of Neoprene Kettlebells would be the perfect gift for a full body workout. Visit to find out more.

Go green for Father’s Day

For green-fingered dads and granddads, Christow’s Potting Table with Storage is perfect for creating space for all those gardening jobs. Visit to find out more.

For sports dads

As Father’s Day approaches, 62% of Brits are already worried about what to get their dads, and 78% say their old man is a hard person to buy.

A Father’s Day gift that could hit the mark

The Original Wooden Duck Company DCUK offers a range of original and thoughtful products to suit different hobbies and fatherly interests.

From cyclists to firefighters and doctors. Plus, ducks wearing tweed for country gents and a big salute from the armed forces range for all veteran dads. Visit for the full line of quirky quack gifts.

Specialty Meats for Dad

To celebrate Father’s Day, Smithfield’s Tom Hixson will team up with London’s favorite steak restaurant, Heliot Steak House, to launch a limited-edition butcher’s box for delivery across the UK, including all the tools for BBQ you’ll need to celebrate in the sun is shining. Visit www.tomhixson for the full line of tasty treats.

Sweet smells for dad on Father’s Day

If your dad likes to smell good and look good, the new genderless fragrance Maison, from Maitiere Premiere, could be the answer.

Fish and alcohol combined

Does your father like alcohol and the subtle taste of fish? Why not combine the two with alcohol infused fish. Visit website. Try the breakfast for a really boozy fish taste.

Hot gifts for dad

Ross & Ross Gifts who create award-winning gourmet gifts for roast and barbecue lovers!

They’ve created the Ultimate Hot & Smoky BBQ Kit – perfect for anyone who takes pride in their amazing BBQ skills.

Ross & Ross offers a superb barbecue gift set for Father’s Day

This kit contains seven spicy food items, all meant to elevate the traditional British barbecue with glorious flavors. The kit contains a selection of spicy BBQ marinades, salt, jam, oil and sauces which have all been matched for specific meats and fish. The kit even comes with recipe cards to really impress your barbecue guests!

Relax in style

Or treat yourself to relaxation this Father’s Day with Ushvani Spa and the new Dynamic Body Ritual. Visit the website to book and enjoy 120 minutes for £240.

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