Goleta launches digital gift card market

Source: City of Goleta

Just in time for the holiday shopping season, the town of Goleta is excited to announce the launch of GoodLandGoodShopping.com, a digital gift card marketplace specifically designed to promote Goleta businesses. Anyone who visits the site can purchase gift cards from Goleta businesses, and merchants can sign up for a FREE list anytime. We encourage you to check out the website and watch our new video in English and Spanish to learn more.

The goal of the GoodLandGoodShopping.com website is to encourage the public to think of Goleta when shopping, dining, or purchasing services during the holiday season and beyond. The website was created to stimulate local spending and help our businesses recover from the impacts of the pandemic.

To create the website, the city partnered with Giftbar, a San Luis Obispo-based vendor with experience and expertise in the gift card business. Giftbar hosts businesses on its platform with the technology for businesses to sell and redeem electronic gift cards. As an added bonus, gift cards can be emailed or texted instantly with personalized messages and / or video, creating a unique virtual gift or care package.

Currently there are over a dozen registered businesses to choose from, but we hope that over time more will follow and take advantage of this easy to use platform.

Kelly Hoover, Community Relations Manager for the Town of Goleta, said: “We know how devastating the pandemic has been to our local businesses and it was of the Council’s highest priority to find a tangible way to help. GoodLandGoodShopping.com offers the public a simple and convenient way to support our great businesses. It has the potential to take off and benefit our local economy for years to come. “

Here’s how you can get involved and support this effort:

  • Go to GoodLandGoodShopping.com and buy a gift card.
  • Spread the news and promote on social media with #GoodLandGoodShopping.
  • Encourage the Goleta businesses you frequent to register by going to the website.

For questions about Giftbar and how to participate, email [email protected] or call 866-989-5580. If you have any questions for the City, email Kelly Hoover at [email protected]

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