Gifts for couples: 23 gift ideas for couples

The past 18 months have been a difficult time for couples around the world (thank you Coronavirus). From nationwide lockdowns forcing couples to move in together sooner than planned, to government restrictions postponing weddings across the country, it hasn’t been easy for those who are loved. But with the restrictions easing just a few months ago, weddings, engagements, birthdays and housewarmings are all back on the cards! So what better excuse is there to give your best friend and boyfriend the perfect gift for couples? Something they can both enjoy that celebrates the milestone they’ve reached.

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Whether you are looking for gifts for the newlyweds, gifts for the home for partners who have just moved in together, matching gifts for couples or you are getting a head start on Christmas gifts for lovers who are celebrating. their first vacation together – we’ve got you covered, we’ve even made sure to include some unique gifts for the couples who have it all! And let’s face it, sometimes it’s easier, a lot less exhausting, not to say cheaper, to buy just one gift for both of them, rather than having to think about what to get each person.

The move is incredibly stressful, and if you’re not able to help your BFF and her partner move into their new love nest, the Harvey Nichols New Home Basket is the next best gift. Filled with everything needed to celebrate a new home, including champagne to celebrate the occasion, this box should be the first box opened. For something more sentimental, the Uncommon Goods Long Distance Touch Wristband Set allows wearers to let each other know they’re thinking of them. Touch one bracelet, the other will light up and vibrate.

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There’s also no shame in wanting to celebrate your own relationship. And with our selection of gifts for couples, you can show your partner how much you appreciate them while also enjoying the gift! You can thank us later.

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Keep scrolling for our full edition of the best gifts for couples. The gift of self for yourself and your partner is included (and highly recommended).

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