Gift ideas and other business boosters for October


shelf support

You’re careful about what you store on your shelves…but what about the shelves themselves? MODERN WOODCRAFT uses reclaimed wood to create beautiful, versatile shelving. Their materials are salvaged from barns dating from the late 1700s to early 1900s, meaning these shelves are just as beautiful and distinctive as they are durable.

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Pipette update

Traditional droppers require coordination and deliver up to five times more medication than the eye can hold; the Optejet distributor of EYENOVIE offers a human-centered design to deliver a simpler, more accurate and appropriate dose directly where it is needed.

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Gift ideas and other business boosters for October

start carding

Loyalty cards, gift cards, warranty cards… Take them to the next level with the new Primacy 2 card printer from EVOLIS. It offers high-resolution printing of the simplest to the most secure cards, including personalized graphics (colours, photos, personal data), encoding of magnetic stripes, contact or contactless chips, holograms, laminations of protection, UV effect, etc.



Gift ideas and other business boosters for October

Push it real good

The THE KEVIN Pin is part of a deluxe series curated Free Spirit by Le Kevin. Carefully handcrafted in Italy, this one features mocha enamel on solid 925 silver with seven white spinel gemstones and a pin and push button closure. Each is 25mm in diameter with other colors available, as well as a version designed with spikes.



The season of gifts is approaching. Show your appreciation with a delicious edible gift from BONNIE & POP! The large gourmet chocolate gift basket from this small family business will delight even the most demanding chocolate addicts. Mmmmm.


bonnieandpop.comGift ideas and other business boosters for October

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