Gift card fraud !!! | City center

Gift card fraud !!! Be careful. I was at Dublin Safeway on 12/10. A manager informed a staff member of counterfeit gift cards on their shelves. Please be aware all over the Tri-Valley and beyond.

1. The gift card scan codes are being changed and the new number directs any money you request to be placed on the card to go directly to thieves’ bank accounts.

2. The criminal places a piece of paper with numbers that look like the original on the valid code, then reattaches the cover. It is almost impossible to see a difference.

3. Before purchasing a gift card, do the following: (as the Dublin Safeway associate explained to me)

– run your fingernail over the scan number and feel whether there are any raised ridges or not. A softer feel is wrong. Check if it is scratching by scratching as it is paper and a fake.

-Real gift cards are plastic with high ridges. FAKE gift cards are smoother and paper.

– look at the picture

– I have no idea what gift card the criminals stole and then changed and put back on the shelves, so check the one you want to buy.

– I am sending this message to the local police and local media outlets.

– I don’t know if this happens at an establishment that sells gift cards, so be careful wherever you buy.

– I don’t know if this is happening with debt, cash, check, credit or crypto… this is something the authorities will have to figure out.

Sad – be careful

I have tried to give as many details as I know. Do not hesitate to contact the authorities for more information because I may not have any answers.

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