Get a year of Sam’s Club (plus a $10 gift card) for just $14.99

If you want to save money and plan ahead at the same time, bulk buying is the way to go. At Sam’s Club, you can get great deals on quality groceries, home decor and more. And you can get a lot of it.

For a limited time, you can get a Sam’s Club membership for just $14.99. Plus, Cult of Mac Deals will be adding a $10 Sam’s Club eGift Card!

Membership has its privileges

Sam’s Club is both a grocery store and a warehouse – and the variety of deals you can find there is simply amazing. You can find great buys on electronics (including Apple gear), groceries, furniture, jewelry, and appliances. You can buy a month’s worth of cans in one aisle and a mattress in the other. And it’s all high quality.

If you shop right, you could save 30-40% on your groceries. You can also take advantage of deep discounts on rental cars, live events, attractions, movies and more. You can even save up to 60% on hotels worldwide. Go for a discounted vacation and restock your pantry with groceries when you return.

Sam’s Club is a bulk shopping experience that you can use for your monthly groceries or to stock up for an event. They sell party snacks, beautiful desserts and much more. One reviewer even used his Sam’s Club membership for a wedding, “It was a timely offer and came just in time for my daughter’s wedding,” they wrote. “The savings on the card made it a little less of a pain!” The purchase processing redemption process was super easy.

Save on a Sam’s Club Membership

Rated 5/5 stars by verified buyers, this one-year Sam’s Club membership typically costs $45. With this offer, you get the full year plus a $10 promotional e-gift card that lets you shop online. Sam’s Club has some awesome deals on their site, but this card also works at Sam’s Club stores, Walmart, and

Shop smarter, not harder. Get a Sam’s Club membership for just $14.99, with a bonus $10 Sam’s Club e-gift card to sweeten the deal.

Prices subject to change.

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