Friendship Day 2022: surprise your best friend with these amazing gift ideas

New Delhi: A friend is the one who makes us believe in ourselves when things don’t look rosy and pulls us out of our darkest phase. Friendship Day is fast approaching! Let your friends know how much you love them. Here is a list of gift suggestions that can help you if you are still trying to figure out how to make your friendship day unique.

picture frames

There are several unique photo frame designs available in the market. To mark the special bond, you can put a photo with your friend and cherish it all your life.


Chocolates can still be served. If your friend loves chocolate, you can get a bar made just for him, and if he cares about animals, you can whip up a vegan chocolate hamper he’ll love.

A personalized gift:

It can be the perfect gift for your friends if they love coffee or tea. You can always create a mug with photos to let your friends know you’re there for them, even when you’re away.

Wish card:

Cards are always in fashion. It’s always come in handy, whether you’re buying New Year’s cards for the whole class or making them for your parents’ birthday. You could create a card for your best friend and write sweet sentiments on it. Additionally, you can use a few pictures of your joyful moments and stick them on the card.

Gift basket

If you are planning to give something slightly different to your friend, the best decision would be to opt for a gift basket. A box of chocolates, a small poster, a coffee mug, a favorite stuffed toy and a key chain can be your choice.

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