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(StatePoint) The most thoughtful holiday gifts are often the ones that show your loved one that you support their hobbies and passions. To brighten up the season for grill lovers, check out the following gift guide:

Hand-trimmed steaks

From perfectly aged rib eye steaks to tender and juicy steaks from the New York Strip, the Texas Roadhouse Butcher Shop is an e-commerce site specializing in restaurant-quality beef that any home chef will be happy to throw on the grill or on the grill. the Cook. With prices to suit all budgets, you can order specific cuts for your recipient – which will arrive in a polystyrene cooler, packed with dry ice and individually sealed – or opt for a gift card, so they can make their own selections. Each order comes with preparation instructions and tips – from defrosting and seasoning to cooking temperature and cooking. The brand also offers a wealth of recipes and resources on its site to guide gift recipients in creating delicious meals. To learn more, visit For 15% off your order, use promo code: GRILLGIFT15.

A grill thermometer

Even the best cuts of meat can be compromised when not cooked to the ideal temperature. To help your recipient get perfectly grilled steaks and other meats every time, take the guesswork out of the equation with a grill thermometer. Beyond all the features you’d expect from a grill thermometer, today’s high-tech options also connect to apps, so enterprising cooks can step away from the grill to take care of everything. other food preparation tasks.

A personalized apron

Whether you opt for a standard monogram, full name, or include a slogan or other design, a personalized apron makes a great gift for home chefs and grill masters. Just make sure your choice is made from a material that conducts heat poorly and is durable, stain resistant, low maintenance, and has various sized pockets for storing mitts, tools and other kitchen supplies. An adjustable neck strap and tie in the back can also help ensure the apron fits as intended.

A tool holder

High quality cooking tools are only useful when the grill knows where they are. For easy organization, decorate your recipient’s deck or patio with a stylish mounted tool rack where they can keep their tongs, spatula, grill brush and other supplies close at hand.

A portable grill

Let your recipient take the show on the road with a portable grill. Ideal for camping, tailgating and other adventures, the convenient lightweight designs travel well and set up a snap. With the charcoal and gas varieties available, you are sure to find a model that matches your recipient’s needs and preferences.





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