Excellent Stores St Lucia Launches Gift Registry Service

At On Wednesday June 25, Excellent Stores St Lucia officially launched its gift registry service.

Hailed as an unparalleled experience, the Excellent Stores Gift Registry offers the best selection of gifts; allowing individuals to create and share with friends and family the perfect gift list for all of life’s special moments, from weddings and housewarmings, to baby showers and christenings, to birthdays, family discounts. diplomas, birthdays and retirement.

The Gift List allows customers to create personalized gift lists to share with family and friends.

Known to make the shopping experience faster and less stressful while giving individuals control over what they receive, creating a gift list with great stores is a simple four-step process and is absolutely free!

It begins with a visit to the Excellent Stores at Johnson’s Center in Gros Islet.

Then, with the help of a friendly trained Excellent Stores Gift List Associate, individuals can create their gift list by choosing their “favorites” from the wide selection of items available in Excellent Stores. The gift list is then uploaded to www.myexcellentstores.com and a copy of the full gift list is emailed to the registrant so that it can be easily shared with friends and family. Finally, with the gift list live and broadcast, family and friends now have the option to share the celebration by purchasing seamlessly from the gift list at Excellent Stores.

Image of guests during the launch of the Excellent Stores gift list.
Guests at the launch of the Excellent Stores gift list.

Beyond its simple and transparent process, what makes the Excellent Stores gift registry even more amazing is the fact that at the end of it all, registered people have the opportunity to purchase all of the items from register remaining or not purchased from the wishlist with a 10% discount. in the month following the event. As Marketing Director, Ms. Lisa Siu Chong said that “celebrating the moments in life should always be a wonderful experience; no one should ever have to worry or be stressed about what gift to get, where and how to get a gift or whether that gift will be affordable. The Excellent Stores gift registry service ticks all the boxes and makes the process seamless and hassle-free! “

In addition, at the close of the register, event organizers will receive 5% of all purchases made; loaded onto an Excellent Stores gift card. In addition, Excellent Stores Gift Registry offers easy exchanges and returns and a standard warranty on all applicable products. Excellent Stores St Lucia is also looking forward to launching the fully digital gift registry service with an integrated online shopping platform in the near future.

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