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A NoHo Arts Music Review of Emery Pulse’s “Gift Box”

A NoHo Arts music review of Emery Pulse’s “Gift Box”.

“Gift Box” is a fun and funny song, a track deeply inspired by the 80s. Bouncy, jingly and syrupy pop with an unapologetically sentimental theme. If you like Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” or anything Kylie, then Emery Pulse’s “Gift Box” is for you.

Florida-based Emery Pulse is a singer-songwriter who embraces happy music. This track feels like it was written for an 80s romantic musical, when the girl woos the boy, offering him her heart. There is no subtext, no angst, nothing dark or even regretful. Just cotton candy and sugar cookies.

It’s almost summer, don’t we need a little lightness and fun? I know I do. Emery Pulse’s “Gift Box” is an irrepressible, happy song, full of bells and bright synths and boppy electric drums and twang guitars. Pure pop production and catchy harmonies bounce around and around this addictive single. I hear the call of summer!!


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Emery Pulse (vocalist, songwriter), Brett Brown (percussion), Chris Camozzi (guitars)

Producer Name(s): Emery Pulse, Brett Brown

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