EGCPRIME22 Amazon Prime Day Gift Card Deal Saves $12.50 On Purchases

A Amazon Prime Day gift card offer with coupon code EGCPRIME22 will save shoppers $12.50 on purchases when used in conjunction with an e-gift card. The mega-deal – available exclusively to Amazon Prime members – is a great way to score even more savings during Prime Day. Here’s how to get it:

How to Get EGCPRIME22 Amazon Prime Day Gift Card Deal

To get the EGCPRIME22 coupon on Amazon Prime Day, follow the steps below:

  1. Buy an Amazon eGift Card worth $50 or more
  2. Enter code ‘EGCPRIME22’ at checkout
  3. Receive the digital code and an additional $12.50 credit

Now you can browse Amazon’s Prime Day deals and use the gift card with the extra $12.50 for all your purchases.

The EGCPRIME22 will only be available during the Prime Day event, which runs from July 12-13. So, if you want to take advantage of it, you will have to buy the gift card and enter the code today or tomorrow.

However, after entering the code, the credit will still be available after Prime Day ends. This means that if you don’t spot anything during the promotional event that you want to purchase, you can always hold on to the $12.50 and use it to purchase items further down the line.

This isn’t the first Amazon gift card offer the company has launched this year; in June, gift card shoppers could get $10 more by using a different code. However, this is the best deal the online retailer has offered to coincide with its Prime Day activities, so those in the market for certain deals should grab it before they start shopping.

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