Don’t forget to activate your Scotland Loves Local Glasgow Gift Card

Households have sent a £105 Scotland Loves Local Glasgow gift card to help with the cost of living crisis and are asked to remember to activate them.

Eighty per cent of gift cards received by eligible households by Glasgow City Council have already been activated and ready to use, three weeks after they were issued.

While tens of thousands of people are now making the most of the program-induced increased spending, those who have not yet completed the simple activation process are urged to make sure they are not losers.

People have until November 30 to activate their card.

Councilor Susan Aitken, Leader of Glasgow City Council, said: ‘It’s great to see that 80% of Scotland Loves Local gift cards for Glasgow have now been activated – this means real support for businesses in the city. and households facing the cost of living crisis.

“I encourage everyone who has received this card to activate it as soon as possible to help with their household expenses, and for local businesses to sign up to enable them to benefit from this successful project.”

Over £3.7million has already been spent on businesses in the city using the activated cards.

The full value of £105 should not be spent all at once. In fact, the average spend so far is £25 per transaction.

However, they can only be spent within the boundaries of Glasgow City Council with registered venues to accept them. This means the money on the cards is locked into the local economy – supporting those hardest hit by the rising cost of living AND pumping money back into all sorts of businesses in the city.

Those who have signed up to accept the cards are already feeling significant benefits. You can join them by clicking here.

Among them is retail chain One O One Group, where more than 23,000 people have already redeemed Glasgow gift cards at its stores in the city in the first week of the scheme alone.

Group retail director Paul Stirling said: “Over 40% of all cards used in One O One were used for household energy bills, municipal tax payments and payments. home essentials.

“It shows us that people are effectively using this card to offset the rising cost of living, and I’m glad we were able to support that. We have also seen a significant increase in sales of essential foods across all of our stores. »

The gift card is an extension of the Scotland Loves Local campaign, Scotland’s Towns Partnership’s (STP) campaign for people to help their communities recover from the coronavirus pandemic by supporting local businesses.

Phil Prentice, Managing Director of STP, said: “The response to the Scotland Loves Local Glasgow gift card has been tremendous. It’s great to see the people who benefit from the council’s program act so quickly.

“With people using the cards to support businesses across the city, we hope they will stick to the habit of choosing local and continue to support businesses of all kinds in their community for the long term. It’s the most sustainable form of spending – and it will help make the place you live in even better.

Scotland Loves Local Glasgow gift card: everything you need to know

How do I activate my gift card?

Step 1. Have your unique activation code handy

If you are eligible to receive a Scotland Loves Local Glasgow gift card, your activation code was sent to you in a letter you received in the post in early August. If you cannot find your unique activation code, please visit for more information. You have until November 30, 2022 to activate your card.

Step 2. Activate your card


Insert your 16-digit card number found on the back of your card

Insert your unique activation code in UPPERCASE (this was sent to you in a letter from Glasgow City Council earlier in August)

How long do I have to spend my Scotland Loves Local Glasgow Gift Card?

Once you’ve activated your Scotland Loves Local Glasgow Gift Card, you’ll have 12 months to spend it.

Where can I spend my gift card?

You can spend your card at any of the hundreds of Glasgow businesses registered to accept it. Businesses of all types – from shops to cafes, restaurants and tourist attractions – are enrolled in the program. There is something for everyone. Go to to view the list of businesses.

Who was eligible to receive a Scotland Loves Local Glasgow gift card from Glasgow City Council?

Households benefiting from a reduction in municipal taxes on June 1, 2022 are eligible for a gift card worth £105. The gift card has been sent to the primary holder of the designated council tax account. Households who benefit from a housing tax exemption or who have requested a housing tax reduction from June 2, 2022 are not eligible.

I started spending, but how do I check my card balance?

Go to and insert your details to see the running total.

I received my card but I don’t have an activation code. What should I do?

Follow the advice at

What happens if I lose my card?

If your card has been activated and lost, it will not be replaced. Please keep your gift card in a safe place.

I am not eligible to receive a Glasgow City Council card. Can I still support local businesses by spending with a Scotland Loves Local Glasgow Gift Card, or send one to someone I know?

Scotland Loves Local Glasgow gift cards are available to everyone, just like any other gift card. You just choose the amount you want to load on them. They can be used by people who simply want to support local businesses, as a gift to a loved one or friend, or as a reward for staff or volunteers. They allow everyone to enjoy the best that the city has to offer. You can purchase a gift card by following the links at

I have not yet registered my business to accept the Scotland Loves Local Glasgow Gift Card. How do I do this?

It’s free to register your business to accept the Scotland Loves Local Glasgow Gift Card. The only requirements are that your business must have a physical presence in Glasgow and a Mastercard terminal. The registration process is easy to follow. Follow the links at

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