Don’t Fall For This Walmart Gift Card Deal

A recent Facebook post promises what sounds like a pretty good deal: a $500 grocery gift card that you can buy for just $2.

“Walmart management is helping address rising prices with $500 for $2 grocery cards,” the Sept. 5 post read. “Follow the instructions to participate.”

This post was flagged as part of Facebook’s efforts to combat fake news and misinformation on its News Feed. (Learn more about our partnership with Facebook.)

Walmart did not immediately respond to our questions about the post.

But there are a few clues on Facebook that this isn’t a credible offer you should pursue.

First, the “enter” link was shared by a page called “Grocery Card Shipping”. This page is not affiliated with Walmart and is brand new. In fact, it was created the same day the post was published.

Second, although several Facebook accounts commented on the post, claiming to have received gift cards, their profiles were stripped. They had profile pictures that were all updated to the same date. A reverse image search for several of the profile photos led us to Russian-language websites and social media profiles with names different from the names used on Facebook.

Clicking on the link in the post raised more red flags.

The website you are going to displays the Walmart logo. But the URL started with “” and is not affiliated with Walmart. It asked users to answer questions about their gender, age, family members, and history of winning gift cards before directing them to another page that read, “You have been chosen to take part in this survey. It will only take a minute of your time and you can receive a fantastic prize: a $500 Walmart gift card!”

A grid of 12 boxes then appears, and users are invited to click on it. The first box we clicked was “empty” and we were asked to try again. The second box revealed a supposed $500 Walmart gift card. We win! Then the catch: You need to enter your credit card information to pay $2 to ship the gift card to your home.

We found nothing on Walmart’s website to back up the claim in the Facebook post that the company is giving away virtually $500 in grocery gift cards. In fact, among the tips on Walmart’s website to avoid gift card fraud is one that warns customers against buying, selling, or checking the balance of a gift card. “in online marketplaces outside of”.

We rate this post False.

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