Cornerstone Implements ‘Housewarming’ Gift List Before Treatment Facility Opens

The treatment facility for inpatient women is set to officially open in September on Dunlop Street West

Walls are in place and roof trusses are set to be installed soon in Cornerstone for Recovery’s new community women’s inpatient center on Dunlop Street West in Barrie.

With the doors officially opening in September, officials have developed a unique new initiative to help the facility meet its opening day needs by creating a housewarming gift list.

“The gift registry provides an immediate opportunity for the community to play a vital role in the development of the new facility while helping Cornerstone acquire these urgently needed resources,” said facility manager Lori-Ann. Seward, noting that the donations will help meet their planned opening target of September 2022.

The Gift Registry has been set up with items ranging from small kitchen items to linens and gives everyone the opportunity to purchase and donate needed items to the facility.

“Our hearts are filled with gratitude that our community is as excited as we are, and they want to help out,” Seward said.

Cornerstone to Recovery is a non-profit organization that offers a proven success program that focuses on community recovery. Clients receive a 90-day stay that includes a holistic program, family counseling, re-employment training, and aftercare living.

With a critical shortage of women-only treatment centers in the province, the Barrie Women’s Residential Recovery Center will be Simcoe County’s first women’s community recovery center and will offer 10 residential program rooms and three rehabilitation program rooms. transition.

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