Colleyville renews advertising subsidy and gift card programs for the holiday season

The Colleyville Gives advertising and Christmas gift card programs are both designed to help Colleyville businesses. (Community impact staff)

Colleyville City Council approved the return of its advertising subsidy and gift card programs for the holiday season at its October 4 meeting.

The Colleyville Gives advertising program is helping Colleyville businesses with their fourth quarter advertising and marketing, according to the city’s website. To accomplish this, the program provides businesses with a grant of $ 1,000 for an advertising campaign during the holiday season and offers an additional grant of $ 1,000 to businesses that donate $ 500 to a non-profit organization of the region.

Adrienne Lothery, deputy city manager for Colleyville, told the meeting that the Colleyville Gives program has generated $ 62,816.56 in charitable donations over the past two years.

To be eligible for the advertising program, businesses must be located within city limits, collect sales tax, complete the program application, complete a W-9 form, serve an advertisement with Colleyville Gives by December 31, 2021 and submit proof of the advertisement to the city, the website said.

The return of the Colleyville gift card program means that every household in the city will receive a $ 35 gift card for select restaurants and businesses in Colleyville. Lothery said the city will be making two sets of gift cards, one that will be given out in mid-November for Black Friday purchases and a second that will be given out in mid-December for Christmas shopping.

The city is also partnering with the Ministerial Alliance to offer $ 50 gift cards “to families in need,” the city’s Oct. 8 newsletter said.

Colleyville first introduced the gift card program in spring 2020 to help businesses weather the COVID-19 pandemic. The program was then expanded in January of this year and reinstated in June.

“I can’t tell you how many times I get into a business, and they literally thank us so much for that,” Colleyville City Council member Tammy Nakamura said at the meeting.

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