Christmas gift ideas: personalized gifts for everyone from DCUK


These Duckensian birds are the perfect Christmas gift!

Comprising four different sizes: Ducklings (18cm), Garden Birds (12cm) plus Duckys and Dinky Ducks (both 11cm) plus decorations (10cm), the feathered friends are ready to go. start filling stockings and lounges across the country. the countdown to the big day begins.

Starting at £19.99 there is a wide range of different ducks to get hooked on this winter.

Duckensian Christmas Ducklings (£29.99 each)

Coming out for the first time this season, the Duckensian Christmas Ducklings are set to be the stars of the show. Sorry Santa. Adorned with gold and sprigs of holly, they have every reason to be joyful.

Duckensian Christmas Birds (£24.99 each with free birdhouse gift wrap)

Chirping good news to one and all, these delightful Duckensian garden birds deliver their beak cards. Also new this year, the hand-sculpted Duckensian birds bear touches of gold and evergreens, symbols of prosperity and the triumph of life. Each is presented in a luxury gift box – perfect for keeping them safe year after year, as well as for giving as gifts.

Joining the popular and stylish Alpine Ducklings from previous years for the first time, three Alpine Ducklings in cozy winter accessories are all planning to melt hearts while hanging out by the garland on the fireplace throughout the holidays.

Alpine Penguins (£24.99)

A natural on the slopes, and another addition to the Alpine family this season, this precious penguin wears his passion for white on his snow-strewn hand-painted outfit.

Alphine decorations (£29.99 per set of three and deluxe storage box)

At the heart of every Duck Christmas is a beautiful Christmas tree lit up with twinkling fairy lights. These incredibly detailed bamboo root miniatures love decorating trees and fireplaces, adding a personal touch to homes year after year. Each measures approximately 10cm in height and the other side remains smooth and flat for easier and lighter hanging. The set of three is also presented in a luxury gift box.

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